Get Set GREEN-My Message to World Leaders….

Well, when I sat to write a topic which is of major concern in the present day world “Environment Awareness/Global Warming” I had one Basic Idea in my mind. If this habit of not polluting the environment or surroundings is not inculcated in the very beginning of a person’s life,it cannot be done at all. If a damage is not controlled initially it cannot be controlled nor contained later.

We hear lot of hue and cry everywhere around the globe about pollution and global warming but when I went back to my childhood days, I could hardly remember even a single advert or an outcry from any of the country across the world about the same issue. Were we not eating those days..?? Were we not traveling in 2 or 4 wheeler then..?? Didn’t we have air cooler, refrigerator or any other gadgets then…?? NO!!! We had all of them.  I am talking about just 20 years back. The damage was done in such a way that we now have realized the devastation this could cause/caused already across various parts of the globe.

No one can be blamed for this and if some one needs to be, it has to be a collective one since we all were greedy and we all needed comfort and started using all the available resources though we knew it is harmful to our surroundings. For instance the usage of CFC(Chloro Fluro Carbon)in air cooler or refrigerators is a vital one for them to perform. Did our ancestors not live without these luxuries for centuries..?? When they can live, why can’t we live..?? I am not asking us to go back to Stone Age and all I am asking is to live”Responsibly”. We need to understand that we have to leave this place for our future generations also to live without any trouble. The CFC’s from various equipments and industries along with growing carbon monoxide menace everywhere has threatened the very existence of Arctic and Antarctic Glaciers which in turn has challenged the lives of thousands of Penguins and Polar bears. They now have to travel a greater distance for their food and survival.


Is this Not Brutal..??


For our luxury, we are jeopardizing the lives of animals, birds,plants and insects. Many have gone into Red Data Book already and some are in the verge of being extinct. Even the great rivers like Ganges, Indus in India is the verge of being disappeared from the map because of the exploitation. There are few ways with which all can be addressed. Industrialization is a major requirement in the present day for all of us to survive one way or the other but it is not the only means to survive. Industries can in fact compliment us with their ability to produce more and serve many. The awareness is not that great in Developing countries when compared to developed countries in keeping the country clean.

Few examples are: Littering in the public place, Not disposing off the waste thoughtfully and so on and so forth. Countries like India has to make a strict rule like that of in Singapore(the neighboring small country which is known for its cleanliness) that there will be a Fine or Punishment for littering in the public places. Govt should come out with more wastage processing centers in various zones where in they have to segregate the wastage according to its product component. nature and composition. For example, electronic waste should be processed separately and plastic separately and other wastage separately.


Secondly when it comes to electricity consumption, Govt should create awareness among the people to keep the electric and electronic items switched off when not in use. It can also ask the companies who are producing these equipments to either have this facility installed or go to
Power Saving Mode” automatically to reduce electricity consumption. Few of the equipments have this facility already. Also where ever possible Govt should encourage using alternate source of energy for running these equipments. The common available form is Solar Energy. More and more of Solar Energy enabled products should come to the market. This if it is used collectively across billions of households in India, can result in a greater savings both in terms of money and electricity. Govt of Karnataka has come out with a unique plan of offering CFL bulbs shortly to all the households at a subsidized rates. The same can be implemented across all the states. Govt should also insist all the companies to produce only 4 or 5 Star rating components(rated by Bureau of Energy and Efficiency – BEE) rather than allowing them to produce 2 or 3 Star rated components which in no way is going to help us out in a big way.


Thirdly when it comes to using 2 or 4 wheelers, Govt should encourage the general public using Public mode of transport or Car Pooling at least so that it can have a great impact of reducing the petrol consumption which would help the Govt in reducing the debt by importing and subsidizing them. They should also along with the help of Private players, promote Energy Efficiency Vehicles like Battery Operated 2 or 4 Wheelers. Pollution check for other vehicles should be done strictly and if any vehicle does not meet the standards, needs to be taken off the road unless it is rectified. Govt of Karnataka is conducting “Bus Day” every month which is an appreciable one. Companies like HSBC also does this among their employees.So it is not only the Govt but also the Private companies and public in general should come forward to support this.


Next, all the State Governments should make Rain Water Harvest(RWH) a compulsory one in all the houses and by doing this we are saving the precious water which would also become scarce in the next 25 to 30 years in many parts of the country and the globe. By doing this we improve the availability of Ground Water. Govt of Tamilnadu is one among the first state which has implemented this in a full fledge making it compulsory for all the households and by default has prescribed this to new built homes without which a plan would not be sanctioned.


Coming next is the deforestation. Though this cannot be completely avoided, we should make necessary arrangements or alternate arrangements for this. If a tree is chopped, few saplings should be planted somewhere else.A tree would emit more oxygen and hence planting one sapling should not be sufficient enough or tally with the level of oxygen we may get. Also one should avoid using paper unnecessarily since it means chopping of trees somewhere.All the paper and other components made from paper should be recycled to the maximum extent possible and banks should actively encourage public to avoid using paper statements and use e-statements instead which is being done in a wide way now but if e-statement is made mandatory and when it comes to receipts, e-receipts and e-tickets alone would be made available to the public instead of paper. This can go a very long way in helping us in maintaining the Eco balance across the globe.


Lastly, one should avoid using plastic as much as possible. Please carry your own bags to the vegetable vendors otherwise you force them to issue a plastic bag which is n hazard to the environment though it is nowadays manufactured under the rules and regulations of Govt that it should not exceed a specific Micron limit. Encourage all your friends, family members and colleagues also to do the same. Try using recycled or gunny bags which you can get it many departmental stores and some store even give discount for getting your won bag which is really appreciated and some charge extra for the bags, This in turn would make the public discontinue being dependent on the shops o issue them with the bags. When Govt imposes some restrictions like restriction in catching the fish in order to increase its population/production,please adhere to it strictly because Govt acts in the interest of the public.


Please do not use a service or an equipment unless it is really vital to use it at that point of time!!!!


Create Awareness right from the childhood through education and this would take care of the rest and make this place a good and better place to live and survive!!!!!






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    1. Dear Anshika,

      Sorry for the delayed reply. I am currently preparing for Civil Services which falls on May 20th. Moreover I just saw your message.I am really glad and honored to have been invited but regret for not making it. Please do let me know if there are any activities in the future by emailing me direct on I would prefer if the activity is on Chennai or Bangalore since I am based in Chennai currently.

      Really Sorry for not making t this time but YES,I did go through the event details and update on your page in Face Book.Well Deserved Applause for it.

      All the Best.


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