AIRTEL DELHI HALF MARATHON 2012(#airteldelhihalfmarathon – Twitter)

Well, this is my first post about Marathon though I have run 3 Marathon’s so far. Couple of them in Bengaluru in the year 2008 and 2009 and one in Chennai in the year 2010. All the 3 times,I have finished running in 65 minutes time. For this feat in Bengaluru, Nike even felicitated me by giving me a T-Shirt which I wear it with Pride always!!

Marathon takes place across the Globe.The most famous being London Marathon.The others include Beijing,Berlin,Boston,Chicago,Frankfurt,New York,Paris,Prague,Seoul,Singapore,Tokyo Marathons to name a few which comes under Gold Label of IAAF.The only Indian Marathon features in this is “Mumbai Marathon”

We also have Marathon conducted across India in various cities like Chennai,Bengaluru,Kolkata and Delhi to name a few. Delhi Half Marathon this year is significant as they are done in a big time by Airtel. They are doing this by donating towards a Noble Cause – in support of Couple of Charities.

Before discussing about the above,let us see what is Marathon all about. A Marathon is a long distance running event with a official distance of 42.195KMS(or 26 Miles and 385 yards). The event was instituted in commemoration of the fabled run of the Greek soldier Pheidippides, a messenger from the Battle of Marathon  to Athens

Marathon was first included in the Modern Olympics in the Year 1896 in Athens.Thanks to Michel Breal who conceived it and ably supported by Pierre De Coubertin,the founder of the Modern Olympics.Initially the distance was just 40 kms which was slowly increased as the year pass by and from 1908 Olympic Games in London, the marathon distance was changed to 26.2 miles to cover the ground from Windsor Castle to White City Stadium, with the 2.2 miles added on so the race could finish in front of royal family’s viewing box. This added two miles to the course, and is the origin of the Marathon tradition of shouting “God save the Queen!” (or other words relating to the Queen) as mile post 24 is passed.

Marathon is dominated by c2 countries – Kenya and Ethiopia. Marathon is not a easy sport.It tests your Patience and Durability. It is advisable not to run a proper or half marathon without proper guidance and practice as it may lead to serious health problem. There are lot of organizations which is offering Guidance and Practice to the Marathoners. In Bengaluru, NIKE was offering this at FREE of Cost. I was a member of “RUNNERS FOR LIFE” back in Bengaluru and when ever I ran a Marathon, I used Timer Chip which was imported to record my time. My first marathon was run at 69 minutes and I bettered it the next time with 65 minutes(pics available on request). I took practice couple of months prior to start of each marathon and my Determination and Will Power made me to complete it without any difficulties. Also I should mention about the people over there…They were very nice and were encouraging us standing on the side of the road in the early morning which gave Marathoners like us more boost… They had Paramedics and Mobile Toilet at regular gaps and the sponsors(Kingfisher) did it well by offering their packaged drinking water and glucose free of cost to the runners.

People may say the Corporates are making money by charging a Registration FEE and also gaining Name and Fame which I firmly deny. Those who say were looking only from outside and giving their Personal View and do not know what is actually happening inside and how much of work and efforts had been put in to organize a Marathon which includes Blocking of Roads for good 2 to 3 hours and also to give protection to runners. When I ran, even though I paid around Rs.500, I never regretted it for the simple fact I got more than what I have paid in terms of Goodies and Merchandise along with Timer Chip which alone was costing Rs.250 by then since it was imported. More than all, I got a Mental/Personal Satisfaction that I ran for a cause since my money went for Charities. This was the main reason I did not run as a part of my Company back then because as a Corporate,my Company(do not want to mention the name at this juncture)had a tie up with the event organizers and were given discount in registration which I thought would not serve the purpose of the Marathon. Hence I ran alone!!!

The Name and Fame what a company earns is for their hard work. People who shout or complain about this? My simple question..Will you not try to prove yourself in your field or office? What was it called? Are you also not doing it for gaining Name/Attention or what so ever..Please do not criticize as these companies are certainly doing their job under the Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) and this is not a shield they need to use as they are garnering much Revenue and Income in their own businesses. By doing this, they are also lighting the life of thousands of people who are in need apart from employing millions with their Group.

When I went through the Chairman of Airtel, Mr Sunil Bharti Mittal, I found he was awarded Padma Bhushan – India’s 2nd Highest Civilian Honor which no one can get it so easily. Apart from this he was also awarded “Philanthropist of the Year 2010” which cannot be ignored in the context of hue and cry by few that Airtel was trying to avoid Tax or Making Money!!!

Well,as a Marathoner,I request people to eat food which is rich in Carbohydrates on the day of Marathon. This can be PASTA or your local Pongal(which is made with Dhall). Also wear loose clothes and do not carry much of water since drinking more water during the course of running will obstruct your run.Sleep properly the day before the Marathon which is also a pre-requisite. It is good to see the organizers also insist in getting Doctor’s Certificate in case you are above a certain age that you are fit to run and does not suffer from any Heart Ailments 🙂

The current record for Marathon is held by a Kenyan Patrick Makau who has run the marathon in 2hrs 3 Mins and 38 Secs on 25/9/11 in Berlin. The gold medal in Marathon was won by Stephen Kiprotich in London 2012.

Fauja Singh, 100, finished the Toronto Waterfront Marathon, becoming the first centenarian ever to officially complete that distance. Singh, a British citizen, finished the race on 16 October 2011 with a time of 8:11:5.9, making him the oldest marathoner.Gladys Burrill, a 92-year-old British woman and part-time resident of Hawaii, previously held the Guinness World Records title of oldest person to complete a marathon with her 9 hours 53 minutes performance at the 2010 Honolulu Marathon

While I can give more info, it becomes more or less like a Wikipedia where you can get all the information from the beginning till date and hence we would now quickly switch on to #airteldelhihalfmarathon



This is the 5th Edition. The first one commenced in the year 2008.This covers a distance of 21 KMS. Procam International who are the specialists in Marathon Events(they were also the Event Managers for Bengaluru Marathon) is taking care of this.While the Marathon also offers huge prize for Elite Runners(Professionals and not PUBLIC) with USD25k for breaking the Current WR, USD10K for breaking the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon Course Record & Rs.1,00,000 for breaking the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon Indian Course Record. David Rudisha is the International Event Ambassador for this event.e is the current Olympic and world record holder in the 800 metres, as well as the current World and Olympic Champion at the distance.

he sport of distance running is based on the 4 pillars (i) International Pride & Prestige to the host city,(ii) Communal Harmony, (iii) Health & Fitness, (iv) Environment, and (v) Charity. And ‘Charity’ is at the heart of the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. NGO’s representing causes/issues from environment, child welfare, women empowerment, disability, health, animal welfare, registered with the Event’s official Charity Partner, Concern India Foundation.

The 4th edition of the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon was important in the journey of the world’s most prestigious half marathon. A record amount of Rs. 3.30 crores has been raised by 39 NGO’s across the country with the help of benevolent contributions from individuals, corporates and groups.

Timing Certificates are issued for those who make use of Timer Chip.This has got Senior Citizen’s Run,Wheel Chair Event,Great Delhi Run which all comes in the end but to begin with in the morning,it is the ELITE Men and Women who would compete followed by Non Elite!! The event also features Kingfisher Run In Costume.

Over 30,000 participants are expected to run at this event.This is the World’s Richest Half Marathon Event with prizes worth USD210,000(Approx Rs.1,16,50,000) up for grabs.Bipasha Basu is also expected to run.

For more info you can refer to the link :

You can also write to Bharti Team at





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