How Women Can Lead the Change in Our Society

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How Women Can Lead the Change in Our Society?

Well, to start with we have almost 45% of our country’s population being that of Women. So when we have almost half of our country’s population being Women,we cannot ignore them. Moreover unlike in the past these days,women are showing tremendous improvement in various field be it Studies, Research and Development,Technology,Sports etc to name a few.

Women should be given Higher Posts since they tend to act unbiased and tend to take Bold Decisions. They are not affected by External Factors/Forces. Many of our Indian States are now being headed by eminent Women Chief Ministers and the Bold Reform Actions what ever they have taken so far is an exemplary example for this.

Women also take Special Interest in which ever field and job they are assigned to.They try to excel in their field challenging their Peer Group who were Men,usually. This encourages a Healthy Competition among them.They do not postpone their work unless it is required.They act Sensibly and Responsibly.

They do not shy away from their work and pass on the buck to another person.They take up their responsibility and do their work Sensibly,Sincerely and Effectively.They do not form a Group or a Union.The in turn inspire others to perform well.They believe solely on “Talks” rather than on “Fights”. This will solve any kind of problem easily.

As a Women,they show Mercy where required.There is a famous saying “A Woman Can Do Anything,if so She Desires…” which is apt in many fields as you may have witnessed Business Icons like Kiran Mazumdhar Shaw,Mallika Srinivasan setting up their Business Empires and others like Indra Nooyi,Chada Kochar,Naina Lal Kidwai etc heading International Corporations in their own right!!

We consider India as a “Mother Land” That shows how much importance we give to Woman and what they have achieved so far,speaks itself!!!


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