My Journey with PARKER

PARKER – The Brand – The Name that has mesmerized me since 1997. I just finished my schooling then and joined college for my UG Course. Very next to my college was a Stationery shop which was selling Branded Products those days.


I went to that shop to buy some product which I do not remember but as soon as I saw a PARKER,I immediately fell in love with it. Remember those days,Parker never gave so many ads like today and had a Brand Ambassador – Mr.Amitabh Bachchan,I think. I inquired about it and the shopkeeper told me some rate but he offered me to go for a better one – FULL STEEL for which I need to place an order and he would get in 2 days.


I still remember the rate as I have preserved the bill also till date since that was my first  expensive buy(in Pen’s Category). It was a whopping Rs.225. Those days even 1 Gram of Gold was selling around 800 to 900. I decided to use my Pocket Money which my Dad gave me to buy it even though that would leave me for the rest of the month,literally,penniless.


The day came and I bought it. Now my next worry was what will my parents say?? Though Pocket Money was given to me to spend,still spending so much on a pen..I was dumbstruck but luckily,my dad,who was going abroad regularly back then knew the Brand Name and the Rate.So I could not hide it with him.Hence I confessed.However we decided to conceal the actual rate to my Mom who had no clue about the Brand. I told her “Mom,I bought this pen was Rs.100”. My Mom stared at me and said why did you buy such an expensive pen?? My Dad looked at me and we giggled at each other.


Then came the next thing,the ink. The shopkeeper told me it will not go with normal ink and I have to buy QUINK. It was priced Rs.40 back then and other bottles those days were selling at Rs.5 or Rs.6 but for a Premier Product,even the Accessories need to be Premier,isn’t it?? I somehow managed that money too and bought it. Now I am having a Parker in my hand which was “Made in UK”. Those days all the pens were imported and they all were “Made in UK”.


After couple of years,when my mom went to Singapore,She asked me what do I want.I promptly said “PARKER”. She got me a beautiful pen and this was “MADE IN USA”. Wow…


I started collecting Parker’s every now and then and ended up having quite a decent number. I saw a Ferrari Parker on sale on a Website.I immediately placed an order and got it.It was a combo and it even had a Micro Tip Pencil.This was “Made in UK” and even while I was working with HSBC, during my Birthdays,my friend’s who knew my passion gifted me generously with Parkers. My latest addition as on 22.2.13 was a Parker Chinese Lambre Pen which was gifted to me by my wife on our Wedding Anniversary.


Now coming to some other old memories..I had met with trouble using the Parker cartridges couple of times which was in fact the last ones I ever had to face a problem with and this was in early 2000. I wrote to Luxor Instruments and they immediately replied back to me with new set of cartridge. My Association with PARKER still continues and would continue till my life 🙂


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