My Online Shopping Experience – With Various Stores

Well, to start with I would go with

My association with Myntra started when I was in Bangalore. India had won the World Cup just then and on the same night I placed an order with them for a World Cup Tee which got promptly delivered to me in just 2 days.They also offered Personalization. I also did buy a Personalized Sheaffer Pen from them. My latest one was I bought a PUMA Sandals at 50% discount from them. What is really good about this site it,you can even use Discount Coupon on already discounted product and there is “No String” attached that you have to buy for a specific value to redeem a coupon.

Now comes

I haven’t bought much from this site but yes, I had placed an order couple of days back since I had won a GV in a contest and what was shocking was the time it takes for the product to be delivered. I was informed that it would be delivered on 16th April i.e 16 days from the day of order which is “Not Impressive” on this Modern Age..Guess I can go in person to buy them!!

Thirdly,I want to mention about

Snapdeal isn’t a great site either since my very first experience turned out to be bit bad. I placed an order for a V-Guard VGD Model but when I got it, I could see “D” was written next to “VG” which means it isn’t a “VGD” model as per my understanding. Even the validity is not that great..It is almost less than a month and you are forced to buy something or the other with no option of clubbing the coupon and have to buy a Product with some packing charges.If the product value is less than the GV For Ed. you have a GV worth 200 but the Product is priced 212(182+30 as Packing charge), you won’t be asked to pay the remaining Rs.12 but 30 since Discount is applied only for the actual value of the product which isn’t good or appreciated by the buyers…

Then comes

Jabong is very impressive both with rates and delivery. I placed an order for PUMA Tee and it got delivered the very next day.I do not know how this is made possible….but it is good for buyers like us who wanted the product at the earliest.Only thing was,the TEE was bit disorganized when I opened the pack which is OK since they had rushed it to me…They also had sent me an SMS confirming the day/time of delivery which I think isn’t required for a next-day delivery 😉

Then comes

This is a real awesome site though I have seen many complaints against them. Believe me,I made not less than 20 transactions and I have NO COMPLAINT what so ever.You get products under various deals like “1-day deal” “Outrageous Deal” “Sunday Flea Market” etc to name a few. Only thing is you need to keep yourself vigilant else you might miss on some great offers and regret it 🙂

Finally, my favorite….

Flipkart is always awesome and close to my heart.The reason being they offer excellent customer service coupled with satisfaction. They give great discounts on many products and also have the option of keeping the items in the Wishlist if you do not want to buy a product then and there(which is available in other sites too)but what makes Flipkart unique is if a particular product isn’t available, you can add it in the list and Flipkart would remind you as and when that product becomes available. I bought a Parker in this Offer at 53% Discount. Flipkart sells Genuine Products. With Flipkart, you can also merge up to 3 coupons for a Single Transaction which isn’t the case with other websites and the Coupon also has a validity up to 1 Year which is Great!!!

Their Packing is good. They take some time but ensure to keep us updated with SMS. The day/time of the promised delivery date is always kept. Only once I encountered a problem with them and they got it rectified by giving me a small token gift 🙂

So overall, all the sites are good since it saves Time and Money.


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  1. Sorry to Say, But I really Enjoyed Your English While You were explaining Your experience with snapdeal. Way to Go. #HorrorEnglish

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