Novelty Tea House

Novelty Tea House – a Multi Cuisine Restaurant in Dr Alagappa Chettiar Road


I wasn’t sure as to how this place will look like but man when I entered it,I was dumbstruck since the place was so neatly arranged. It can easily accommodate not less than 100 at a time,if not more.


The ambiance is so nice with room freshener being sprayed on one end to ensure no foul smell comes on the floor. The restaurant is fully air-conditioned which is really appreciated in a place like Chennai.


Seats are well set. It gives the option starting from a Couple to a family of Four,Eight etc., Cushion Seats and neatly arranged Chairs and Tables are on offer.


Then comes the Staffs.They are well dressed and well behaved. They are very polite to the customers.They do not disturb you while you were having food and serve food on request.


What captured my interest was the rate tags. Unlike the rounded-off amount like 125,150 etc., the rates were mentioned as 79.71, 83.12 etc and when I enquired about this to the Restaurant Owner,he had mentioned that it would come to a Round-Off figure when tax is added to that and also told me that he has to revised the rates since from April 1 Govt Service Tax of 12.36% will come into effect for all Air-Conditioned Restaurants…The rates of the products are moderate.


Last but not the least,the quality of the food..It is just amazing.I had few different varieties and all of them were awesome leaving no space to comment.


Yes- The restaurant do have a Parking Space as well.


This place is certainly not to be missed if you are in Chennai 🙂



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