Doosra Blog-a-thon

Well, my zeal for Cricket started from my young age.I am not an exception since entire India likes this game which has gained immense importance worldwide be it with No.of Viewers or Sponsors.

I started playing “Gully Cricket” and have used various options for the bat – be it with some stick or at times even the “hands”. It is not God’s Hand though 😉

When it comes to ball, yes starting from Ice Cream Cup Plastic Ball, I have used Rubber Ball, Tennis Ball and at times even the elastic band tied paper ball. The most expensive one till date I have used is MRF Cork Ball 😉

We have played in all possible places and at times when playing in the street(usually on Sundays as it will be deserted),we have hit the windows of our neighbors and also glass panes of cars only to be chased by them. Days have gone past by and we are grown..Nowadays there is hardly anytime to play cricket where in I have resort to watch it online and physical cricket has been replaced by e-Cricket( Video Games) but my Passion will remain forever as I still preserve Cricket Posters(from Sport Star)which is as good as 20 years old and have few autographs of the players as well 🙂


Long Live Cricket!!!


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