A Look of Mia Women

Mia – a Name which is Unique and stands for Femininity.

When I heard this name from Tanishq, I could not think of anyone else except my Mom – who is a perfect blend of Style and Work. She is a Home Maker but I would rate her position much higher and I am sure if she was in Corporate World, she would be holding the post of not less than a VP/CEO. Just like MIA which stands out for Work, my Mom is perfect when it comes to Work. She never postpones things and has imparted the same on me saying “If you need to do something, do it on the same day.Do not postpone it”

Mia always symbolizes Style. My mom is a perfect stylist. She does not apply much of cosmetics as she has been blessed with good features. She always likes to carry herself the way she was born. This is Unique which can be found only in few women today and even if she dresses, she makes sure it is not over or under-dressed. What I am trying to say here is, she dresses exactly what that particular occasion needs/demands.

Mom has raised the family under her Care and Supervision and had done her best without whom I cannot think even in my wildest dreams that all would have come so far… She truly is a Women who can match the qualities of MIA Women without a slight inclusion / mistake just like the Diamonds used in Mia…..

MIA Mom – I respect you for what you are!!!

Mia TVC link (http://youtu.be/Qq3Kh-tHsyk ) Via Mia site (http://mia.tanishq.co.in/)


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