The Perfect Road Trip

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We have many ways to travel. Road,Air and Water. Each has its own identity and distinction.Some prefer to travel by Road, some by Air and some through Water.It depends on their preference and choice.They also have their own version or reason for it.

If you ask me, which one would you prefer,I would answer instantly – Road.

Why Road?

It is a way where I feel is very much connected to Mother EARTH. I can get to see various people,culture,landscapes,so on and so forth which is not possible if I travel by Air or Water where I feel disconnected for those many number of hours,I travel.

Now coming to my blog – My Perfect Road Trip!!!

This is something I wanted so share with the rest of the world for a long long time and I finally had got the chance. My perfect Road Trip consists of following ingredients which we would see first and then jump into it in detail 🙂

Place – Singapore to MalaysiaVehicle – Mercedes Benz “B” Class

People – Family(Mom,Dad & Wife)

Music – Mixture of Light and Pop Music(mostly composed by Maestro Illayaraja and AR Rehman)

Now,I will tell you in detail about how to mix the above ingredients to cook,Sorry,to make a perfect Trip 🙂

The reason why I had selected Singapore to Malaysia is because they both are neighboring countries and can be connected by all 3 means of transport. I took Road because it is a beautiful stretch which initially runs over the ocean and then we get submerged into Rainforests of Malaysia. You get VISA on Arrival in Malaysia if you haven’t got both the VISA(Singapore & Malaysia)done on the same time. The road travel takes approximately 3 to 3.5 hours. It is a beautiful journey as you would be lost in the nature’s beauty and when I traveled on this road for the first time back in 2007, it kind of remembered our Kerala and I got so lost in the beauty of it that I did not even pay much attention to the music.

The forest is so thick that you get natural air and one can feel it.If you want to feel this freshness, you should say “No” to your air-conditioner on your vehicle and inhale the natural air which is more healthy. The reason why I had selected Mercedes Benz “B” Class is simple. If you are traveling on the best roads in the world(remember Malaysia is known for its Rubber Roads which is known for Quality and Durability Worldwide),to enjoy its real quality and feel, you need to travel in the Best Car else you would not feel the pulse.

When I travel in Mercedes Benz “B” Class,it gives me and my family absolute comfort and safety and would make us feel that we are almost on to our way to the Paradise gliding on the road with ease and since it also known for its fuel efficiency in its category, it will not pollute the environment like the others since I make it a point that when I am enjoying the beauty of the Nature,I should leave it the way it is and not to pollute it and make it look ugly…

I would travel with my family since I am blessed with a good family who are extremely understanding and supportive. My parents are my best friends and hence they have successfully replaced “F-R-I-E-N-D-S” and I have no regrets for that,whatsoever.

Coming to Music. I love music genre of A R Rehman whereas my parents like Illayaraja. So I will play the songs in a mixture but as I said earlier,I would be enjoying the beauty of the nature much more than the songs and hence this is not a priority for me.

I haven’t touched food since the distance nor the time taken is negligible. Of course we would have our food prior to leaving Singapore in one of the restaurants in little India or in Komalas and once reaching Malaysia, we would end our road trip with a delicious Murtapa 🙂

Hope you liked the ingredients being mixed in the right proportion to cook up my “Perfect Road Trip” and would be glad to listen to your comments…


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