Smelly To Smiley! – Blog 1



When you hear this name, you can associate yourself with various things.. The pleasant smell of a flower to a rotten egg smell… We would have come across all or to say few of them at least in our Life. We add various spices even to fragrance our food…

We all are always way when it comes to Bad Odor but not the pleasant smell though and fight to erase it when our nose sniffs it. I too had few experiences and would love to share them with you all…

I would start with Refrigerator since it is the most common equipment we all use. We stuff lot of things inside(all that is possible until it is choked) and to avoid any bad smell emanating out of it(the smell can be of various types – from the smell of a milk to smell rising from fruits and vegetables), I would keep the cut pieces of Lemon which is known for absorbing them effectively.

Then, when you prepare Non-Vegetarian, it creates different smell again. If you have Veggie friends, they may not prefer to come to your home on Sundays. I do a clean up with Phenol or Floor Cleaner, once the Non Vegetarian food is prepared. It serves two purposes, one to clean the floor and two to remove the odor.

Then comes that stingy smell of socks especially when you have worn it for hours in the office.This is something very embarrassing unless you’re at home. You many not like your own foot. This can be fought effectively the way, I do.. I keep naphthalene balls inside my shoes. I wash my clothes everyday and soak it in Liquid that gives pleasant smell.

Finally comes the smell inside the room. This can come because of various reasons..Lot of clothes being held up in the stand or books or equipments or so. I fight this effectively using Room Freshener. When the Air Con is switched on, this would make the fragrance spread across the entire room removing the odor. The other best way to do it naturally is open the doors and windows in the morning and let the Sun Rays take it off with its Heat Power :-). Years ago, I have also used Sambrani to remove the bad smell in the room effectively but stopped using it since this method emanates more smoke…


There are few things which you many not remove..They are the likes of Dried Fish(which comes under the category of Non-Veg) and smell that comes up when you deep fry few items. I remove them by using an Exhaust Fan.

When ever I do painting in my home, to remove that odor(which is usually a strong smell), I cut some pieces of Onion and keep them which grasps the floor. I also use Incense Sticks to give a pleasant smell to the Pooja Room.

So, the point I’m trying to make here is for everything, we have a way out but they are all different. I always wondered whether there is a Single Solution to effectively combat all these with one odor remover. Please wait for my next blog Smelly To Smiley! – Blog 2 where I would be unveiling that Special Weapon which had given me relief from using all various materials and methods to combat bad smell/odor.

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