“Creating Happy Travellers!”

When I was asked this question – If given a chance where will you take your family or friends and how would you make your trip the happiest ever, I was really confused. The World is really BIG and it is impossible to figure out just a single place but still I made up my decision. I would divide this into two parts – Family(First) and Friends.


~~~~~~~~~~ Family ~~~~~~~~~~

Family always comes first to most of us and satisfying them is the foremost important thing for anyone. If given a chance I would take my family to all the places in India since I seriously believe India is a land which offers various emotions in various places. We have quite a lot of places to explore and enjoy and to be frank,I haven’t seen many of the places in North,East and West India though my parents have..

Firstly I would take them to places like Amarnath,Kedarnath,Badrinath to name a few as any one would be delighted to get their trip started by Divine Worship. These places are special as they are Unique in their own aspects and going to these places which has historical value and importance gives sheer pleasure and self satisfaction to the inner mind. Moreover as these places are situated in the Mountains, reaching them are also adventurous.

Secondly comes places like Kulu, Manali, Nainital, Darjeeling to name a few as they are Hill Stations and one can enjoy the scenic beauty and the local food and flavor along with the local Culture and Lifestyle. These places along with few other places in South India like Coorg, Kovalam, Wayanad, Munnar can rejuvenate one’s Body. Mind and Soul for sure which is why these places attract more tourists from worldwide than others…


How to make my Family Happy is the next Question. It is simple.


1) Book Group Tours via http://www.Yatra.com since we need not have to take any tension as they will take care of all our touring activities including Boarding,Lodging and Sight-Seeing with able tour guides and get the best rates for Hotel Reservations and Bookings along with Travel Booking. We an be safe and secure from Hawkers and Peddlers.

2) Book the tickets during the best season and enjoy the actual Climate and Beauty.

3) Prepare an itinerary though Tour Guides will show us the important places.

4) When you go in a Group, the Fun you will get is totally different and it would be good to do various activities as a Group.

5) Come back home safe after capturing all the memorable moments via DSLR/SLR/Handy Cam/Smart Phone which can be remembered forever….


~~~~~~~~~~ F-R-I-E-N-D-S ~~~~~~~~~~


Coming to Friends now… Friends would always prefer to go to places like Goa where one can enjoy the most. Going to these places itself will make the trip happiest ever as it is directly associated with it. Though I’m a Tee-teetotaler it doesn’t mean I cannot have fun. While my friends enjoy with alcohol, I would enjoy with non-alcoholic beverages. We would do various other adventurous activities like Para Gliding, Water Skiing, Bungee Jumping and Trekking. We would hire few bullets and roam around the city. Get the exotic drinks to be given to our friends back in the home town. Eat the local Goan food and would relish mostly on sea food items as they are good and available in plenty in Goa. Not to forget we would also be visiting all the Beaches to the extent possible to make sure we have not missed out even a single beach that gives maximum FUN…


This blog may appear simple but the fun associated with it is amazing and cannot be expressed 100% ion terms of Words…Book your holidays with YATRA to get to know what the REAL HOLIDAYS are…

For more information on various packages, visit http://www.yatra.com


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