Ambi Pur Air Effects – Heaven on Earth

I am a user of Ambi Pur fragrances for my car for the past few years and I was always happy with its performance since it made my car, a pleasant one to drive removing all odor and refreshing it including my family. Gone were the days where we use to keep the windows open and drive and now we could drive it without any trouble keeping the windows closed and by switching on the a.c

When Ambi Pur came out with home range of air fresheners, I was one of the first to grab it since I knew for sure it would make my Home also a livelier place. Being in the city, one cannot avoid lot of inconvenience like dust and smell due to various reasons. Ambi Pur Air Effects came as a Savior.

Initially just like the car, we use to keep the windows open almost all the time to ensure our home did not emanate any bad odor especially when Non-Veg like dried fish is being cooked. We also used exhaust fans to remove the odor. But as there were other trouble like Mosquito menace, we wouldn’t afford to do it all the time. Ambi Pur Air Effects came as a Blessing in Disguise. Yes, when I got this product I hardly guessed it would change the entire scenario inside my house. As soon as I sprayed it inside our rooms, my mother who is skeptical about using room fresheners started liking it. We never kept our windows open only otherwise when it was required. It had made our rooms a livelier and a pleasant place.

Few advantages I could list out using Ambi Pur were as follows:

1) It refreshed the room there by refreshing us.

2) When we are refreshed, we are active and it increases our Productivity.

3) Happy Quotient is attached to it since a pleasant smell always brings Smile and Happiness.

4) By getting all the above, I felt like my home has become a “Heaven on Earth

I Vowed to use it FOREVER as it has Wowed me…


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