Embrace the Change to stay alive in this competitive World!!!

I thought of sharing something here for which I myself is a live example. I do the tax filing for my mom,dad and myself.

I did it all these years through a website called http://www.taxspanner.com where in we just need to mail them the details including Form 16,16A and so on. They would fill the details. You just need to log back to make the payment and the return is filed for you. I was pretty happy with them for the past 2 years. This year, it was a different story altogether.

I tried filing tax as usual. I had mailed them early to avoid last minute rush and since I did not get any response, I entered an Online Chat and was shocked to hear they did not receive anything from my end. On top of it, they asked for Ticket No which I never got. I thought they would help me but they never did. Probably they would have got more clients now…

This is when I came across a wonderful site called http://www.myitreturn.com

I shouldn’t say myself but I am forced to since I am stunned with the User Interface. This is a very simple website which can make even a Non Commerce Graduate to understand the filing process. This is not at all complicated as each and every page comes with a “Yes” or a “No” option. While “No” option takes you through next page, “Yes” option will ask you to enter the corresponding details. I could do the entire stuff within 5 minutes(including the payment and filling up of Details). I cursed myself for being dependent on the other website all these days where in I received “No Help”.


I remembered the words “Embrace the Change to stay alive in this competitive World!!!”



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