Do Right Stories



If you ask me what did I do right as a kid,there were few… Since they were relatively smaller incidents, I thought I would share with you all of them 🙂

Incident 1:

I was a kid back then. I use to study well. I always use to be the first person to come out of the exam hall after completing my exams. It once happened that I was little bit confused about an Answer for a particular question. The teacher who was invigilating offered to help me though it was out of the ethics. She gave an answer and suddenly there was a flash on my mind..I got to know the right answer. The answer which the teacher gave was wrong!! I wrote my answer. Teacher was annoyed but I did not bother. I came back home and explained the event with great pride to my parents.

Incident 2:

I was offered a small incentive by my Mom for cleaning the home when I was a kid. It was a great motivation factor for me to do the work by then. When I grew up, I realized it was my duty to keep my surroundings clean and hence I stopped taking money from my Mom.


Incident 3:

I always believed in Gandhi and Raja Harishchandra. Hence I gave a promise to my mom that I would never lie nor drink alcohol items or chew tobacco as a kid. I am 32 years old now and had kept my promise till date. This has made me feel young and refreshing always.


Incident 4:

I once found a bundle of money lying idle on the road. I took it and looked for people around. When no one turned up to make their claim, I promptly went to a near by temple and deposited the money promptly in the Hundial.


The above mentioned are small incidents but it has greater impact in one’s life as the rules are applicable Universally. Try following few or all of them and you would be the Winner of your Life!!




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