It is the essence of anything and everything.Without Communication. nothing can be done these days.What makes us more advanced these days when compared to the primitive age is the Communication.

There are various ways of communication. It is Verbal and Non-Verbal. There are Signs which can also be used as an effective communication.

Lot of things helps us to communicate. This includes devices like Mobile phones, PC, Tablets, Laptops to name a few. Out of all the above mentioned, Mobile Phones had revolutionized the way the communication is done. There are lot of companies available across various platforms now trying to vie a space in the communication sector.

Apart from Service Providers, we are now dependent heavily on Service Providers who provide us with valuable info on time all through. Google is of course there but it cannot give all the information that one may require.Hence the need of Personalized Widgets or Communication Software.

I remember Gingr started a revolutionary concept back in 2011 where for reading their SMS, they would pay you. No one had ever thought about this unique concept back then. I was one of the beneficiary. Now the company has come up with an application available on Android on 

This is really a useful application which gives the information we would require. A recent survey says people prefer texting to talking. More than few billion SMS were sent and received worldwide a year. Even using Social Media Apps are gaining popularity as lot of companies are investing heavily on this to develop a software that can almost be a personal assistant.

Imagine, you having a software that can give all the information you would require in seconds…This gives you great confidence and would make anyone to venture out freely and boldly. Its time we change our self and rather than calling or go-ogling to get an info, let us have an App which is available already which can change the way we communicate…


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