The Character

Hello Readers,

Time to let you all know about some of the characters that has inspired me as a kid. Let me tell you all one by one…

Firstly,it was “Suppandi“. This innocent yet naughty character would have touched many of our lives. I feel he is one of us since many of us would have been like him on one event or the other. We were as naughty as him when we grew up if not to the extent he was 😉

Then it was “Mandrake“. Who would forget this Magician who has mesmerized many of us with his magical skill… I would also bring him on par with “Phantom” who was known for his unknown identity and the Skeleton Faced ring which he leaves as a mark as and when he hits his enemies.

I also fantasied “Tarzan” who I remember as the one told by my dad that he was the strongest man in the Universe. Later came our own version of Tarzan “Moughly“. Tarzan was Born Free and taught us as to how we need to mingle with nature and preserve them. I would say these characters mentioned above were created for a purpose by the respective creators.

I was then inspired by other Super Hero Characters like Spider Man, Super Man, He-Man & Bat Man. They continue to inspire us even today with their Super Powers making us also to feel how better it would be if we were one…

The writing was inspired by :


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