FestiveZone – One Stop Shop for buying Crackers-Online!!!

I an a Online Buyer since I believe I get the best product at cheaper price for the simple fact, online retailers eliminate middlemen and there is minimum overhead charges as they need not have to maintain a fancy showroom and staffs paying their Salaries,Rent,Electricity to name a few.

I have gone through various sites and have purchased.However I continue shopping only with few sites which were good in customer service and provide quality products as promised.Not forget to mention, packing and the timescales with regular updates enabling us to track the product which gives buyers like me, Peace of Mind.This way I ensure that I get the best and would continue to recommend those sites to my Family and Friends since I wanted everyone to take the benefit.

I came across this beautiful website called http://www.festivezone.com

It was revolutionary in its own aspect since for the first time ever, they offer buying Crackers Online. The best part of the site is this – They offer delivery at home(since it has to be) and they accept Card/Cash on Delivery too which only few e-commerce site does. People from Chennai and Bangalore can buy crackers online. If you wanted to buy crackers online or buy fireworks online, http://www.festivezone.com is the right place. Since they sell “Standard Crackers” one need not have to worry about the Quality.

Most interestingly, they also have put up all the crackers along with it’s pic and details online. They also have other options like Gift and Combo Packs where in you can save some money. If you have ever fancied about those fancy outdoor crackers(like Rockets), you can browse through the list leisurely and can buy whatever you wanted….

You can find them on Face Book as well and the link is http://www.facebook.com/FestiveZone . On Twitter, it is https://twitter.com/festivezone

Remember, they are very much active on both the Social Media Networks and they conduct contests from time to time where in you would be showered with some Gift Vouchers as well.

if it is online crackers or online fireworks, FestiveZone is the Best!!!


So next time, when you think about Crackers, think only about FestiveZone since you get quality crackers(Standard Brand) at Affordable Price…But beware, not to place the order while your kids are aside since you might end up burning your wallet 😉

This post has been written as an entry for the FestiveZone (www.festivezone.com) “festiveblogger contest”. FestiveZone is a unique platform that provides everyone with the convenience to buy fireworks online. They have all the Standard fireworks at huge discounts to ensure hassle-free happiness on festivals.



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