What is Innovation? For me “Innovation” is “Thinking Beyond Your Time or Capacity”. Wheel was an innovation because back then,Transportation was difficult and this had made it ease to transport Goods and Services.

Electric Bulb by Thomas Alva Edison was an Innovation since it had made the World glow even during the night. For this he failed on numerous attempts and made a famous comment that he had learned to develop a bulb in so many different ways.

Innovation can be made possible by the Application of Mind coupled with Technology since Science and Technology plays a vital part in it.What was unachievable or unthinkable few years back becomes an Innovation when it was made possible.

Remember, the handheld PDA’s, Kindle,Tabs and iPads what we use today was made possible by innovation since when the earliest computer as invented,it occupied a whole biog room and was extremely slow. With our latest iPhone, we can do much better and faster function than an earlier computer.

Innovation keeps changing day by day as Human Brain never stops thinking. Communication has made Innovation possible. The long distance expensive calls and sending information had become very much cheaper with the advent of Internet which itself is a result of great Innovation which had shrunk the World.

We are into the faster world and Speed forms an essential part of today’s Technology.We have Smart TV’s and so many other gadgets.We are in 4G when it comes to communication though it is yet to wide spread across the Globe.

The laying of optic cable fibers underneath the ocean has made communication cheaper and faster. We have also developed biggest telescopes and India is leading in this and with this,I am sure we can find so many other Galaxies and Planets since Galileo with a simple Telescope could find so many details.

Super Computers rules the world these days as it has the capability to perform Millions and Trillions of Operations per Second. What ever happens, it all happens because of the Developer and his Brain – i.e. Human.

We wish Innovation to happen in each and every field which is in fact happening and this would surely result in cost saving and in many cases Life-Saving as well which is extremely important since the field of Medicine had been greatly benefited by this since we perform Tele-Conference Operations, Robotic and Nano Surgeries to name a few.

However caution should also be exercised that these Innovations which are meant for the betterment of Human Life and Value should not be used against them as it would lead to mass destruction. Good example was Nuclear Power. The Power which generates enormous electricity and can help a Nation tremendously can also be used to destroy the whole world in few minutes.

When Innovation is combined with Responsibility, it results in Great Quality and Use it is intended to be…

Innovation becomes a great success when it reaches Mass instead of Class which is what we have seen in very many examples. I’m sure with Innovation happening day by day, most of human work will be replaced by Robots and our work is essentially to supervise them to make the most of it…


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