The future of shopping

Future of Shopping


Shopping in 2030. How it would be and what it would be??

Do you have any idea??

Well I do have few..I had seen much in advance from my perspective.It may or may not be implemented but more likely they would be for more comfort and security.

Shopping has changed tremendously over a period of time. Form normal shopping, it had transformed into Mall Shopping and now with the advent of e-Commerce, it had become “Shop from Home”. What is in it for the future?


Well,it would still be Home Delivery but the way of Authentication would get a great change. Transactions would be authorized not only with VBV or Mastercard Secure Code, it would also be authorized with Finger Print Scanner and Iris Scan. These will be done via our usual Webcam with the help of special software to authenticate the transaction. This gives greater Accuracy and Protection to the transactions.

Payments :

This will be made with a Single Card which will also serve as a Unique ID Card for a Citizen. All will be tracked Real time by the Government ensuring 0% fraud in this activity.


Products that would be sold would be of Superior Quality and would be checked thoroughly before reaching the hands of the citizen. They all would bear a Mark of One Agency – instead of Multiple Agencies and this may be the case in a Country Level or World Level i.e 1 Agency for a Country or for the entire World.

Storage and Delivery :

Most of these products would be stored in warehouses across the country and this would facilitate easier and quicker delivery. Companies would hold products of almost all the brands and if an order is placed in India to be sourced from USA, it would first be checked in the local warehouse and if the product isn’t available, only then it would be routed to USA.This is made possible by integration of all systems and websites. There may or may not be many websites as it exists today and even if they do, all will be integrated. For eg,. If you place an order with Website 1, it would send the product and if it is not available,it would co-ordinate with Website 2 to source it quickly.


So, in the future just like the web shrunk the world, even e-Commerce would shrunk where one can get anything and everything by click of a button mostly on the same day or to the maximum by next day…


For Exciting way of shopping via eBayCheck visit the link:


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