I am Explorer


Its a Beautiful place with so many places to see. We have ventured into almost all the horizons which is above the Surface of Earth including the Space but somehow we havent ventured much into the Underground World.


My Structure will be an inverted one inside the earth. I would use Earth Mover to dig and get inside the Earth. I would go not until the center of the Earth as I know I would be reduced to ashes in no time due to it’s Lava which spits out High Temperature.

Since this is an Earth inside the Earth, the cloud/upper part of it will be in Black or Orange Color. It will not have a Moon but few other celestial objects. The Temperature will hover around 50-100 Degrees. So one would need to wear a dress which is worn by an Astronaut. However the Gravity will be extremely high and hence I would ensure that I do not touch the Center of Gravity as it would suck me inside like a Black-Hole.

Since it is going inside, there are few ways to travel inside. The Best Way it to take a TATA Safari Storme and go inside it which would pass on various types of Rocks with lots of Curves and Bends.

One need not have to worry about taking bath or about drinking water since you get the Purest Form of them as they were very unlikely to be contaminated deep inside the Earth and since there are abundant Natural Geysers, one can take hot bath leisurely.

When I go down, I would be facing creatures which were unique and distinct only to Deeper Earth. They include Gigantic Earth Worms which are relatively friendly but it also has 5 Head Centipedes and 10,000 Leg Millipedes. Not forget to mention, I would also have greater chances of facing an encounter with 50 Feet Anacondas and Sand Boas and also 10 Feet Tall Scorpions.

The plants are essentially a dream ones…Much of them are inhabited by Roots which have their presence elsewhere and these roots are so strong that if it is an obstacle on the way, it is highly difficult to remove it as they are so strong and one has to take a way further inside by digging a cave parallel to it as these roots would have loosened the soil over there.

Food items are also available in plenty especially the likes of Potato, Hams..They are spread all over the middle of the Earth and they are rich source of Carbohydrates. You might ask how  the oxygen can be supplied deep inside..Well, this is made possible through the roots and the natural presence of water. I would use them and with a separation process, I would extract Oxygen from it.

Now comes the interesting part of it…


Yes, this part of Earth is filled with abundant treasure like Gold and Diamonds and hence when I inhabit inside, my walls would be made of Gold and all the accessories with Gold Nuggets and Diamond Stones. Diamonds would be used to light the pathway as it would capture light from a special tunnel which is connected to the surface of the Earth which would then reflect it all around.

When acid rain comes, I would take a shelter at the earliest as they would be most of Acid in nature and landslides are very common inside it. I would be having Earthquakes and Tremors almost all over the day but since my home is made of strong walls of Gold surrounded by Roots of Great Trees, I would be always Safe deep inside it…

You may ask me who I am?? Well…I’ll leave it to you to guess…


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