Platinum Day of Love – in my Office


I could never think about any other incident which had happened in my office few years ago which shows the true – Platinum Day of Love.

I joined a leading MNC BPO along with other friends from the same State(TN). The BPO was located in Bangalore and hence  we all relocated there. I was working with a team of 8 members where me and 2 other are from Tamil Nadu. The other two were Vincent and Bhuvaneshwari. Since we spoke same language, we grew to be close friends. We use to go out together and do shopping and visit each others place. I was close with Vincent and Bhuvaneshwari.

As they say you never know when you will fall in love,Vincent fell in love with Bhu(as we call her even till date). Initially Bhu agreed and later on she did not fearing that it might affect her sister’s life. This made Vincy(as we call him)feel dejected since he already had a love failure and it took a dent on his performance too…

They both started sharing with me as they stopped speaking to each other. I was like a mediator. Even my performance dropped drastically and so as Bhu. This made my Team Lead worried as we were once the STAR Performers. One day she spoke with me and Vincy for close to 2 hours and still Vincy could not be convinced. He was even in the verge of ending his life as he kept saying that he did not feel like living in this World.

This made me worried even more and I started staying with him during my week-ends to ensure that he did not take any drastic step. I finally decided to end up the tragedy. I spoke to my parents about this issue and since they knew about Vincy and Bhu, they agreed to mediate between the two families. They first went and spoke to Bhu’s family, who agreed after a while and now that Bhu said OK to Vincy’s Proposal, he was happy than ever.

Now, it is my parent’s turn to go to Vincy’s home as well. Now they were joined by Bhu’s parents too. Vincy was from a different religion and this was the main hurdle right from the start. Somehow my parents had convinced Vincy’s Mom and Brother.They however did not agree to come to Vincy’s Wedding.

We made a different plan. YES, my parents pretended to act like Vincy’s Uncle and my Mom as Aunt. We struggled so much to convince Bhu’s relatives on the D-Day since from Vincy’s side, no relatives ever came…

I need to mention about this incident without which the entire marriage which took place will not be complete. Vincy bought a Platinum Engagement Ring for Bhu in a prominent store in Bangalore and when we came to Chennai, few days later for the Engagement, he had forgotten the ring. This ring was already seen by Bhu which is the problem now because he cannot go without a ring or with a different ring which will make Bhu furious. I immediately got an idea – that is to approach Chennai showroom of that jeweler and to try and get the same ring. Since we had some details, they pulled up the design and to out delight they have confirmed that they had the same design even in their showroom. Now, this is a Jackpot.

Vincy was so glad and started appreciating my presence of mind. The engagement got over and subsequently the marriage and as a sign of their true love and affection, Bhu gave birth to a baby girl and they are living together happily in Bangalore and will live happily forever..Let us all Wish them and Pray for them!!!!



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