“Platinum Day of Love”

Love – is Eternal.

It existed since the day Human Beings in the World evolved..I haven’t mentioned about other living creatures because I believe not all could exhibit Love & Affection as far as humans are concerned…

This is the basis for every relationship and without which this World is Null & Void. Love can win anything which even War cannot and such is the Power of it that we all celebrate worldwide “Lovers Day” on Feb 14th.

Anyone who had fallen in Love will know the real meaning of it.I am sure majority of us would have fallen in love and or in love..This is an on-going process and can bring wonders…It is for all ages – From 1 to 100 but I would say one can experience the true love only in the mid 20’s because anything comes prior to that is mostly due to infatuation and may not last forever. However as I have said earlier, the one that comes in the Mid 20’s can go a very long way since both the partners will not give importance to bodily desire or for any material thing and they would surely have an idea on their future as they could foresee it…

It is this Love which has made even Adolf Hitler to marry his long time girl friend prior to their demise. Though they are gone now, this action is spoken even now and will be till this World exists because such is the power of Love.


Coming to my own experience now….

I found my love via a marriage arranger. I was searching for one and could not find any one compatible with me. They are either interested on knowing my background or my present situation(Salary Earnings and other stuff) and some wanted a more handsome guy..I certainly do not agree to the fact that Love can be Won only with being Smart. The Love that comes on seeing a Man/Woman being Smart/Attractive happens only because of bodily attraction and not anything else. True Love should come beyond Language,Culture,Religion,Appearance and Background to name a few.

It took close to 2 long years for me to find my real LOVE. in the meantime, I had come across not less than 100+ profiles. Few of them went even to the extent of getting fixed(engagement) & got dropped due to some reason or the other. It was frustrating. I even use to think what else a man can give to win True LOVE? I was & still a teetotaler and was earning a 5 figure salary back then with good education and family background but when some asked me about my financial background,it made me angry. I rejected a few because of this because I firmly believe “one should not ask the age of a girl and salary of a man”.

GOD had a plan fixed for me. On the D-Day, I had happened to visit 2 homes for my alliance and both the girls liked me. I should say I was lucky. I am not a movie hero you see to say OK to both 😉 Hence I decided to say YES to the girl who was from AP skipping the other girl who was from TN.

I do not know till date as to what made me say YES to my Better-Half… It was the time that was fixed for me by The Almighty. Hence I said OK even without a second thought.We spoke for few minutes alone and I found she was the perfect match for me. Now I prayed to GOD that my parents and other family members should also give their consent which happened after few minutes(after they had a closed room discussion).

My engagement was done in August and marriage subsequently in the month of Jan,2010. During this gap of close to 6 months,we got to know about each other pretty well by speaking over the phone(only on week-ends though as I worked from Mon to Thu). The moment finally came on 27th Jan 2010 when I tied “Mangalsutra” to my wife. That moment marked the beginning of my ever lasting journey of life along with another soul.

Although my wife had to stay back in Chennai for her work after her marriage and I had to go back to Bangalore for my work till April, I made sure that she never missed me by going to her home town in AP every weekend and most of the times, it was a surprise visit. Though I never liked to travel on the weekends, after my marriage I was a totally changed man which showed me what all True LOVE could do…

We are going to complete 4 long years now and I am sure we would go further and further till we both wish to live….

Platinum – is Eternal as well.

It existed in this Earth even before we existed. It is the rarest metal. It cannot be rusted and its very purity could very much be compared or complemented with Love.

Platinum is as precious as Love. Love can be experienced and Platinum can certainly enhance that experience further. It is as strong and bonding as love.It would exist as long as we exist proclaiming the perfection and importance of Love.


For more information on Platinum, do visit the link -> http://www.preciousplatinum.in/en/about-platinum/platinum-day-of-love


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