Traditional Knowledge, Natural Growth

INDIA – Land of Diversity and Ayurveda.

We had a rich tradition of using Natural Products on our day to day life. Our land had numerous Yogis/Sadhus who knew the secret of enriched medicines which could augment our growth without compromising on health. Few of them did good thing by leaving a note on all these. Though we lost many of them due to time and evolution, we still have managed to get few which we are using in day to day life.

A recent survey proved that Indian Breakfast is by far the most healthiest food especially Rice Idly and Curd Rice as they can be consumed by people of all ages and it gets digested easily and at the same time improves one’s health with its rich Protein and Vitamins.

I had my own experience with myself. Yes, I am a regular consumer of Dabur Chyawanprash. What difference did it make??

Well, a lot. I was introduced to this almost some 15 years ago when a friend of mine who studied along with me in the tuition told me about this. Initially I was skeptical but I found a major difference after few months of started having it. YES, it made a great difference when it came to my HEALTH. It never compromised on anything and built a strong immune system around me making me fall ill less when compared to previous years,I never had this.

Moreover what ever spices we have were also of immense benefits be it with Pepper or Methi or few other items like Curry leaves which keeps your body protected from so many health ailments.

I saw my aunt giving a Health Mix(which is a proposition of cereals like Ragi,Bajra,Jowar,Maize and other cereals) made her child grow faster and healthier.

I had even witnessed the effective use of Turmeric and Neem in many cases where they not only served as a outer body protection but also the inner one with its medicinal characteristics.

It is really glad to see these days that many of our Indian food products have been given the GI Tag which protects our interest in the field of Medicinal Food which was pioneered by the great Sadhus/Yogis of India.

Science and Technology,we say is developing on a faster pace which is leading to the find of new medicines for diseases but we should not forget the fact that these were available for many centuries with us.Thanks to our rich Ayurveda tradition which has got a cure for anything and everything under the Sun.

You all might have noticed and agree that we prefer to get the cure from the so called “Grandma Treatment” prior to approaching a Hospital..Such is our tradition…Our ancestors knew the medicinal value of all from Plants,Herbs,Vegetables and Fruits.It is high time we appreciate that and preserve them without being neglected which is otherwise snapped by foreign sources and would come back to our country in the name of a brand….


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