#BetterWay is here

Well, there is always a better way for everything unless otherwise experienced.It differs from person to person..

I had horrible experience with one of my outdated Tablet. I do not want to mention the name of it but certainly the experience(few) I had it with  it 🙂

I bought a new tablet a couple of years ago and I felt proud since I also possess a tablet. I took it everywhere I went. It once happened that I had to take it to a National Park. I wanted to take the pic of a Tiger but my tablet was not tilting since capturing a pic on “Tilt Mode” would have brought the real beauty of the beast. I had to literally tilt down myself to capture the shot… I then came to know that I should be a “YOGA” Master to do those kind of stuff because after tilting myself, I had a severe back ache which lasted for few days.

On another occasion, I was doing some official work in the office and when my boss came,as a reflex action, I had kept my tablet on my table. My boss came and saw that I was doing only an official work and asked me why I had put it down. I had no answer. Then I realized if at all that particular tablet had a “Stand Mode”, I would have proudly called my boss to show it without any slightest hesitation.

It becomes even more hectic to handle it when I am on travel.  I was badly looking for one that has even got the “Hold Mode” and my search finally came to an end – where I found one which has got all the facilities that would make me the REAL YOGA HOLDER(Not the MASTER)


For more information on Lenovo and Yoga products, do visit http://www.facebook.com/lenovo and http://www.lenovo.com/yogatablet



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