Indian General Elections 2014 with Social Mobile Apps

Well, Social Mobile Apps has drawn a main attention these days with lot of youth concentrating more on various apps. Primarily the Youngsters who use Mobile 24/7 use Chat Apps and Social Networking Apps.

This is one of the main reason as to why lot of Political Parties started using Social Networking Platform to project a better image about their candidates who are in the fray. Tow Major Parties i.e Congress and BJP have formed a separate team to take this election by storm via Social Networking.

The penetration of this Cyber War could be more effective if it is done via Mobile Apps for the simple fact these days almost all the phones have a Net Connection either via 2G or 3G. Not all will have access to PC but surely will have access to a Mobile Phone. Moreover by integrating the functionality of Brand Promotion with Mobile Apps, it can reach a greater number via a simple SHARE Function.

Mobile Apps can also be made more interesting by way of a Guessing Contest or by way of Games or even by way of Mobile Predictions which can easily give the result/outcome of General Elections way in advance. Though some parties may not like it, this would give more accurate prediction and can help the one which is lagging behind to cope uo to face the election.

Mobile Apps if done in a proper way, can not only predict the results f the outcome of General Elections but will also serve as a true indicator by facilitating a greater campaign for the parties.


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