Better Way

Well, what is a better way?? It is the one which makes your life simpler when compared to the present scenario.

My Tablet is the one which should have few things.

Firstly, it should have the calling facility. This keeps me connected where ever I am. Then it should have 4G Connectivity too because 3G also would become outdated soon, Having said that I would welcome if it has Wi-Fi since not all the places could offer 3G or 4G.

Then it should have High Definition Front and Back Camera to enable Video Chat and also to capture the moments perfectly. The tablet should also have a 1TB Space along with Cloud Connectivity and also a Expandable Memorable Card and USB Slots which should also support HDMI.

Most importantly my tablet should have Multiple Platform Support which means it should sport Android,Windows 8 and iOS. My tablet should also have Gaming Feature and the screen should be scratch,dust and water proof. It should also be charged with Solar Power apart from normal way of charging.

It should also have Finger Scanner which is featured in iPhone 5S and also Siri – Personal Voice Assistant. Overall, my tab should replace Dektop,Laptop and Smart Phone and if possible, a Projector too 😉


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