Playing Santa to my Child

For any child, what a perfect father has to do (or at least what I would do to secure his/her future),

Firstly I would take a Term Plan on me so that if something happens to me during the plan period, a bulk sum is given to my family which would help my child not to struggle with any financial woes.

Secondly I would also take a Child Plan which would also cater to the specific need – used for education(in case if I survive,Term Plan would be of no use)

Thirdly, I would be more than a father. I would be the best friend to my child so that he/she can share anything and everything with me freely which would help them in shaping their future in a better way. I would imbibe the value of Wisdom,Truth and being away from bad habits.

Fourthly I would not impose my interest on my child and would allow him/her to select his/her own field.

Finally I would create a Legacy which I would ensure would be used by my child and carried forward for generations.


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