Knowledge is Great

UK – The Prestigious country which has its own currency in the rather than having an EURO with London as its Capital which is considered the Financial Capital of the World.

Opportunities in UK were abundant. Firstly they are closer to us rather than US,Canada,New Zealand and Australia. Secondly most of the Universities in UK has a Rich Cultural Heritage and History beyond it. Last but not the least, the presence of Asians – YES, UK is home to vast number of Asians including the likes of Chinese,Indians,Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. This would surely make any one traveling to UK , “Feel at Home”

If I was given an opportunity to choose, I would surely go to UK for the above mentioned facts and more over UK Pound is More Stable and “Always on the Rise” compared to US Dollars and Euros. Since UK also has diversified business, one being a student would be in a position to find a job easily to finance their Boarding and Lodging.

Security plays a vital part in the UK. The entire country is well protected and needless to say Scotland Yard and UK Cops are more efficient and quick which makes the entire country less prone to Crime which also would be an added advantage for people from Asia including me to consider UK as my next destination to study. Gender and Racial Discrimination is very minimal and I would still remember the announcement of the arrival of the Kid of Prince Williams which was done by an Indian!!

There are lot many universities in UK which makes one to select, very tough. Since I am more focused and know what I wanted – given an Opportunity, I would surely wanted to go to “London School of Economics”


Why London School of Economics??

Well, it is simple. Firstly I am more interested in Economics and LSE is by far the best for Economics across the World without any doubt. The University has a rich history and eminent professors including the likes of Dr Manmohan Singh, Dr P Chidambaram, Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen to name a few. I have always fancied this University for the fact that it has enriched the field of Economics by producing lot of Researchers and Nobel Laureates compared to any other University in the World.

I know the course is expensive but one should not forget the fact that “Quality always comes with a Price” and the opportunities after completing a Doctorate in LSE is amazing. You would be grabbed by Fortune 500 Cos for sure as the Scope and Functionality being an Economist is Vast and always in Demand.

Dollars and Pounds would be easy to earn by then but I would prefer to come back to my country and serve the Indian Government as this is where my Foundation was laid upon. I would surely use the knowledge gained from the LSE to improve Economic Policies as this particular University does not teach you the basics but makes you understand it as to how this has come / being formulated!!


For more information on various universities across UK, do log in to



  1. LSE is the best when it comes to learning about the finer nuances of theory and practice of economics.
    Great choice indeed.

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