Travel Smart

2014 – year that has opened up new avenues making my dreams fly farther beyond the boundaries. This is the year on which I am planning to travel to my
dream destination Venice.

What are all the plans I have made up to travel smart to this destination?? There are few.

Firstly, it is the Airline Ticket Booking. Since I have made up my plan to visit this country well in advance, I know my roster which mainly comprises the dates. Hence I
would book the airline tickets in advance which would help me in getting good discounts covering me from hike in the price of Euros/Dollars later.

Then comes the destination. Even though I have planned to travel to Venice which is in Europe, I wont be travelling there straight as there are many other interesting countries to visit.
Hence I would travel to a country which is the cheapest to travel from India and from there I would take Train since Europe is well connected by EuroRail which is economical and offers
a once in a life time ride passing through various cities and countries which I could not see if I am travelling in the Air.

I would also hire a Local Guide from those places who could explain the importance of monuments in the respective country and would also keep a GPS Guide and a Route Map so that I would
never get lost. Most importantly I would carry a mobile with Matrix Sim on it so that I can travel across Europe and attend incoming calls for FREE while I can also make calls to other
places at much cheaper prices. I would also ensure to make use of the Wi-Fi which is available in almost all the countries in Europe in the public spots to capture and upload my memories then and there on to Facebook,Twitter,
Instagram and Pinterest to name a few.

What more…When it comes to travel currency, I would carry Euros and US Dollars as Travellers Cheque and also carry my Debit and Credit Cards to use it in cae of an emergency. I would
give notification to all my banks so that when I travel and try to use the card, they do not block it under suspicious cirucumstances and I would also ensure that I have enough Credit balance
on my Credit card. I would take the emergency contact nos locally and also give my itinerary to my close friends and relatives who could help me if I am in distress.

Finally, I would keep a list of reminder as to what needs to be taken and tick mark them as and when I finish the packing rather than doing it in the last minute. I would also book budget/economy hotels well in
advance to ensure that I am not stranded in a foreign land.As I would also be knowing the local food habits and the menu available in these countries by browing the information, I would keep few things ready with me
like ready mix food packets – if in case I needed them to survive which I dont think would ever happen since I am travelling to Europe where one can see lot of Asians paritularly Indians atleast in UK for sure.

Get set go….. pack off the contents, take the passport.Get web check in done. Take the eTicket and fly off!!!

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