Condition Serious Hai

Disclaimer – Well, this blog is not intended to hurt anyone who is living or dead,intentionally or otherwise 


In this blog,I am gonna share about few characters who are more than serious but makes you laugh most of the time. I would quote each and every event with #ConditionSeriousHai I may use fictitious name to avoid the identity of the real person.


#ConditionSeriousHai 1 – This was a real incident where as a kid,I was fond of smelling Scened Rubber and on one such time,I managed to put it deep inside my nose.I was so worried and so as my parents too and when my Dad took me to our family physician, he took it cool. He said,I wont operate but let me try to sort it out. Then he had put a long surgical instrument inside my nose and pulled it out…


#ConditionSeriousHai 2 – This happened with one of my friend in my work place. Since we worked for a MNC Bank BPO,we followed security strictly.On one fine day, a customer came verified using Telephone Banking Pin and after getting all the details on the account, the guy kept the phone saying “This is my Dad’s Account.April Fool” My friend was shocked but managed to fail the security on the account to protect the account.


#ConditionSeriousHai 3 – This had also happened in my work place with another colleague known for his wits. A Lady called up to say that she had lost her son and thought he might have been locked up in one of the branch. My friend had a wit to say Wait,I will transfer your call to Lost & Stolen Department(Which is usually used worldwide to report lost cards)” which made even the lady laugh.


#ConditionSeriousHai 4 – Many of the times, my customers always thought I was a Female because of my Voice and gave generous compliments to my Supervisor. On one such event, my Supervisor, though was embarrassed hearing this(for the first time as he got used to it later) took the compliments on my behalf and later told the customer that it was a Guy and now it is customer who got embarrassed 😉


#ConditionSeriousHai 5 – Once a Customer asked for my Phone no thinking that I was a girl and this was a person from Saudi. He said I have lot of money.Why dont you come here?? I will treat you like a queen….


#ConditionSeriousHai 6 – Another customer from India was taken back when I told my name. He said “it cannot be your name” and gave a female equivalent to it only later to realize that I was a guy….


#ConditionSeriousHai 7 – On another light incident, my colleague was speaking to a customer. She was from China. When my colleague asked “Do you have a Plastic Card?”, she replied, “how can you ask me this question?, I have a Mercedes Benz Car” We realised that Card was heard by her as Car…


#ConditionSeriousHai 8 – Lot of times, we got irate customers who come abusing us but we have cooled them by listening to whatever they say and later tell them “I know you are frustrated with the bank , not with us ” 


So, in life there are many things which are real serious and we should not take them all serious.Try to find the positive or humorous quotient in it and you would enjoy it for sure…


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