Go Further to Get Closer



Distance sets us apart

With You in one end and me on the other

While we try to communicate

Through Phone,Web,Email and Other

It is not something which knits us close

Together – since we are apart!!!


Well, the small poem which I had written above is my personal feeling on what a distance could make. This is applicable for most of us since we(couple/married)live in two different worlds. A Man might be in London whereas the Woman might be in Singapore. This is very evident especially when it comes to top posts with the corporate. Since the Pay Scale and other Benefits are so tempting, a couple even if they are newly married would agree to stay in two different places.




Initially this may seem ok but in the long run, it takes a beating in the personal life since both of them start feeling that they are not in a position to communicate that.When they need a companion to whom they can share their personal stuff, they may not find them. Time plays a vital role here. Unlike earlier these days, we are well connected technologically but I feel that Technology cannot replace human emotions which are LIVE and REAL.


Even in my own family, a person married a girl.They both live in USA but in two different places. Since USA is a big country, you can understand how their life is. Guy is a PhD holder whereas the Girl is a Doctor.They only meet during the week-end.What is the purpose of a marriage then and live a life this? They might earn and be well off economically but for who are they earning?The situation becomes even more worse when they have kids. This plays a vital role in divorce in many of the case which cannot be denied. 

Having said all that, we have lot of ways to mend this. Since I did mention that time plays a vital role, when two of the parties involved live in two different places,they cannot afford to lose time even if it is in seconds since each and every one of them are precious.So they have to travel fast and at the same time safely and comfortably which will not stress the out when they reach the other end.


For this,I would prefer British Airways at any cost for the fact you get Superior Service and Spacious Cabin which will not stress you out even if you are travelling longer distance. The Connectivity also ensures that you reach any destination on time. Brilliant Lounge,Cargo Service with well verse Air Hostess with other facilities like Waiting Room,Cloak Service,Baggage,Insurance,Airport Transfer and host of other facilities make us feel like a KING!! 

Having said that, there is also another way to get closer with your family.Take them on a Holiday via British Airways which would bring you closer because you are paying a Fee that would leave you not to be compromised with Travel,Safety and Comfort!!

For more info visit the link -> http://bit.ly/1epU8Uj


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