Winning – Born from within….



This means lot of things to lot of people. Some do it for Pride.Some for Money.Some for the sense of Winning and Satisfaction. What matters most if to WIN!!

When you Win, it obviously means some one lose. They lose not because they are not capable but they have not prepared well to face the reality. World is also strange in this. They accept and celebrate only the Winners. There is also a famous saying which goes “World remembers only the First Place Holder and not even the Second One” which means even if you are as good as the First One, if you get the 2nd place, it means you have still lost it and would not get the due credit.


Winning needs lot of practice and courage. The courage to face the unexpected. When you are taking part in any event or contest to prove yourself expecting something, then you may not win but on the other hand if you take part in the same event or contest expecting the unexpected, there are more chances for you to win. Even if you lost in the latter, it will not affect you much but would shape you to face it with more confidence the next time.


Chance – well this plays an important role as well. One should be given a fair number of chance to prove himself or herself to Win. If a person is given only a single chance, it may not bring out he best from him or her for he simple fact the person have learnt a lot from it. This is apt even in case of Civil Services too which is why they give a fair number of chance. It is up to a person to make use of it as and when it is available rather than jumping in the end to give an attempt and then feel sad if the person could not able to crack it!!


Experience – This plays a vital role which shapes you in winning.With experience you gather Knowledge invariably which would assist you in Winning.This is applicable in most of the cases but not in Sports because by the time you gain experience, you may be old and may not be fit to compete but vice-versa in Technology and other field.


For me, the Spirit of Winning has to come from within.It should ignite your inner sense to give your best without worrying about anything.I would like to quote Jesse Owens here for the fact that he was brave enough to run in front of Adolf Hitler in Olympics to garner few gold medals.We have also learnt a story about a king who lost his kingdom but was inspired by a Spider which eventually made him to go for war and win.

So winning can become a possibility with continuous and persistent efforts and attempts.When you keep trying probably with different combinations, you would crack it for sure since lot of Success stories like JK Rowling,Shiv Khera had all begun with Failure initially which scripted a Great Success later.


I would like to sign off with the famous quote from Shiv Khera “Winners don’t do different things.They do things differently”


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  1. Rightly expressed, Sarath. Winning formula & spirit is dependent on us. Our effort & other factors that you have mentioned can help!
    Best wishes for the contest 🙂

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