Nature’s Friends

There are lot of things happening around us. Do we ever give a thought about what are the consequences of each and every small action we do?? To be frank, not all were aware of it.


Thankfully to me and my family, we realized how lot of small things we do affect lot of other things around us and embraced it earlier. So I would say at least to some extent we are protecting Mother Nature!!


Nature is enormous and has given us abundant resources. We not only use them but on a long run lead to abuse them knowingly or unknowingly. As a kid, when I use to eat chewing gum,I use to spit it on the road without knowing the consequences. Once I myself was a victim where I had stepped over a gum on the road and it got stuck on my shoes which is when I realized that I should put it in a silver wrap and throw it in the dust bin. This also had retrospective effect. I did realize when I grew up that it could save great amount of smaller birds which otherwise thought they were some kind of food and when they tried eating it, it got stuck on their throat making them not in a position to swallow it thereby eventually leading to its death.


I was also been told by my mom as a kid to feed waste vegetable products to animals like cow, goat etc rather than throwing it in the dust bin where as few other waste products were made to decompose itself on our backyard which later became Manure of its own. This in return has helped the flowers in our garden bloom without using any pesticide or manure brought from the shop outside.


I also feel proud in sharing another unique experience which my mom taught me. Yes..My mom asked me to talk to plants and when I did that I was really surprised to see the plants grow faster and started blooming more flowers. The sight of blossom on the backyard filled our family with joy. There was another thing we did which was to do Rain Water Harvest System. I should thank the Govt of Tamilnadu who made it compulsory back then. With this,we never faced problem with scarcity in ground water level.


My uncle who came down from UK had even gone ahead and installed Roof Top Garden and also set up Waste Water Recycling Plant in his property which made him receive accolades from the then Commissioner of Chennai,Mr VijayaKumar,IPS.


We also started keeping water during summer so hat small birds started quenching their thirst. Those days our home was built in such a way that it even allowed Sparrows to reside in there with their nests. It was an awesome sight since it allowed not less than 10 sparrows at any given time to made our house as their dwelling.We use to feed them with rice and other grains and it is they wo use to wake us up in the morning with their Chirping Sound. It was so melodious and lovely.


I wish to conclude this proudly by saying that I was mingled with Nature right from my Childhood and would like to attribute it mainly to my Parents who has made me to inculcate all the good habits. Though I am grown up, the child still resides in me making me to embrace Nature at all times…


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