This happened just like that. I did not dream even till yesterday that I would win this…

It was a Twitter Contest and I took part with great enthusiasm just like the Admin of Pizza Corner. The PR Team was so good and interactive. In the end I had emerged as one of the 4 winners along with MKV Balu and Goutham Kumar among others.

So we were all set to be there in the venue on 29/3/2014 at 2:30PM. I had been picked up by Balaji Parthasarathy who was accompanied by Sandeep Varma. We reached the venue by around 3. By that team, I could see other bloggers had already reached there and were even busy in making of their pizzas.

We were welcomed by Deepa who came down all the way from Bangalore for his event and had introduced us to the Area Manager. We got to meet fellow bloggers like Pari,Karthik,Subramaniam,Gopal,Bragadeesh among the others. While we were chatting, Lakshmi came and joined us.We had a welcome drink.

When our turn came up, we got into the kitchen with special caps being worn on our head. We were taken into the pizza making procedure as to how it is done. We were first taken to the procedure of making the base.We were explained the difference between two sides of the base and were also told that they only use Non-Wheat base for taste and crispness. There were two types that were done here.

1. Normal Base where you get to have more toppings

2. Bubbled Base which would prevent bubbles sine it would have lesser toppings.

Once the base was shaped and done with proper edges – they use Shape 6 and 8 Techniques, we were asked to put two kind of spreads – Indian and Other. While Indian is spicy, the other one is non-spicy but was colourful. We were asked to spread it evenly starting from the center. Care was also taken to ensure that it is done till the edge. 

After done with the base,next came topping. There were variety of toppings with likes of Cheese, Onion,Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Sweet Corn, Paneer, Chillies,Capsicum,BBQ Paneer and other Non Veg Items. We were asked to take 2 cups of cheese. 1 at a time and using both the hands to spread the cheese evenly like a sprinkle. Once this is done, we were asked to do Onion spread since it would be captured evenly followed by other toppings and finally another cup(2nd)of Cheese Spreads.

Finally it is put inside the roller oven which ensures the final product comes out on the other end. This was taken and using the cutter, pieces were made and final touch was given in the edge.

They also have a mark for Pizza – with regards to bubbles and other stuffs and the pizza we made got 7/10. Good isn’t it for the first timer??

In the meantime, we were also discussing with the Area Manager who was talking about Business Strategies and how he himself had taken a delivery to a nearby place and the lady who took the delivery was really surprised and happy when she came to know about his position. Also how the 30 Minute Promise for the delivery is still kept. We came to know that there are 2  outlets in Chennai and the ingredients comes from Bangalore and was of high quality and well maintained.

One of the First Outlet was opened up in Purasawalkam in Chennai and I was a local resident over there at that time and could rewind back my memories to see it as a flash in my front – as to how I took my family friends who came down from USA and could eat nothing but Pizza. So my association with Pizza Corner was almost a decade and is still continuing…


By the way, eating Pizza is not harmful as it may have been conceived since they are not deep fried but baked and as long as you eat and work, you are fit else no food in this world is safe!!!



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