I Support Tadpoles.in

This is for the first time ever I am writing a blog to openly support some one. YES..It is none other than http://www.Tadpoles.in


What is Tadpoles?

As you could have found out from the name, it is the early stage of a Fish/Amphibian till it grows into a real big one. Tadpoles is something similar to it. It finds out the new talent at its early stage and help them in realizing their dreams/goals by making a feature story of them and publish them online on their website.


What is the use?

Well, there are many. Since World Wide Web has a wider reach, these stories would be read by people all over the world and this includes eminent,business people and others who have authority in their hands.


Tadpoles strives in bringing out the hidden talents and especially of those which needs attention, if not immediate so that they can make our country proud in the international arena.


My first interaction with them was memorable. I wanted to bring out the talents of a boy who is my neighbor and when I wrote to tadpoles, they immediately contacted me over the phone. Ms.Komal Sharma was the one who initiated the contact. She was so supportive and friendly and made sure that she got the details of the boy. Its time for us to help some one who is helping others volunatarily..


Let us raise and show our full fledged support to Tadpoles coz they are our Future. Do visit http://www.tadpoles.in Read the Story,Inspire and be Inspired and share it with your family and friends without fail.


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