EasyCharge with MobiKwik


I should say it is Mobile+Quick and as the name suggests, it is the best Mobile App ever I have come across. There might be many apps available but this one is real quick,neat and tidy.

I was initially skeptical about using it but I came to now it is secured and it can get my work done in seconds.I installed it on my Android Phone and guess what, for the First Recharge I did, I even got 50% as Discount/Cashback. Yes, for Rs.100 recharge I did, I got Rs.50. Where in world can you expect a deal of this kind??

This app supports all the Service Provider Recharge and hence I could do it even whilst I am on the move helping me in saving time and money. I cannot expect more since this has made my life easier making me to do the recharge eve at midnight rather than waiting for the next day to go to a retail shop to get the recharge/top-up done.

Not only with Pre-paid recharge, if you have Post paid connection, you can also pay the bill via this app and also you can recharge your DTH/Data Card with this awesome app at ease. Pay all other utility bills like Electricity,Gas,Life Insurance at ease and this is One-Stop Shop for all your payments acting as a perfect assistant. I would say this is “Power in your Hands”


GONE are the days I ran behind my Adviser to get my Insurance Payments made and also to the EB to stand in the queue in the hot sun and paying the bill with great difficulty.




Try using this app and I am sure you would also agree that MobiKwik has made your life easier like it did it to me….

For more info on this awesome app, do visit http://www.mobikwik.com


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