Ice Cream date with Cream and Fudge

This was one of the most memorable event I had attended till date.

Cream and Fudge is the brand owned by Pizza Corner and when I got the invite to attend the making of Ice Cream, I took it up immediately without giving a second thought.

We were asked to be present by 4:30PM on 10/5/14 at the venue and I was well before time. This shop was located in a strategic location – in Venkatnarayana Road,T.Nagar. The parlor was getting ready when I reached there and all along the way, it was scorching heat but I consoled myself saying that I would get greater relief on reaching the venue. Bragadeesh was the next to arrive followed by Karthik and Ram Thilak. All were from Chennai Bloggers Club(CBC) and once there were sizable number, we went in. 

We were soon followed by the Area Manager of Pizza Corner and the event commenced. Mr Vasisht was the first to try his hands on making the ice cream. This brand had lot of specialties… When we saw in person, we could not believe our eyes. YES..The Making, I mean….

One of the staff by name Mr.John had commenced the making showing his skills. As soon as he was done up with the making, he threw the final product which was collected in a cup some 10-15 meters away by another staff. It was an accurate throw and catch and by then there were few customers as well who enjoyed the stunts 🙂

We were allowed to make the ice cream one after another. Few came with their family like Mr.Vasisht accompanied by his wife Mrs.Pari Vaisht and their kid who went on making an ice-cream on his own with lot of toppings especially with GEMS. YES, the toppings what they had were numerous which included the likes of Cakes,Bars,Nuts(Cashew,Badam,Hazel),Syrups,Choco Balls to name a few.

The flavors they had were numerous which included Coffee,Chocolate,Strawberry,Mango,Butter Scotch,Vanilla to name a few. The making was a different process altogether. First we were asked to take 2 scoops and after placing them on a flat surface,we were asked to spread it with two ladles and then we were asked to top it up with ingredients. Once done, we were asked to mash it and do it like making dough for chapathis. Once that was done,we had to remove it and put it in a Cup/Cone of our choice. It is as simple as that..The Ice-Cream tasted divine and since we all made different combos, we had a chance to taste almost all the products available with the Cream and Fudge by then.

Finally, it was time to leave..Though we never had the mindset to leave, we said Good Bye to all who gave us the Unique Experience of first time ever in making an ice-cream. My heart felt thanks to Pizza Corner,Cream Fudge,Area Manager,Staffs in the Outlet(who were so polite and professional) and Deepa Pillai who gave me this opportunity to participate…. 


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