Time to Transform

Time to Transform – Keeps me thinking as to what I would be doing whilst I am on Travel…

Well, there are many things that I would be doing. To start with, while I am on a Bus/Train/Car or a Airplane, I would be playing some video games because it is the relaxation time for me where I can get relived from Stress by playing the games and I have also heard that playing a Strategic Game will enhance your skills.Correct me if I am wrong 🙂

As soon as I reach the destination, I would surely be going to a Guest House or a Hotel to stay till I get prepared for the meeting. This is where I would be preparing my Presentation or do with the Final Modifications on my Presentation which I have done already. This would make me confident enough to face or meet up with the clients.

Photography is another activity I would be doing since I am on Move, I would get access to so many new places, culture,Tradition and Customs including Wildlife,I would then get those memories transformed to my PC to ensure my SLR or Smart Phone has enough space all the time to capture more pics or record more videos. 

Then comes another priority which is calling up my friends. I would be doing this in the leisure time most probably in the evening when all will be at home. Finally I would end up my day listening to some Music and watching a Movie of my favorite genre – Sci-Fi or Horror after all I have got just 24 hours and would not want to waste it just by sleeping,eating and working 😉


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