A Date with Oman

Oman is known for many things.The first thing that comes to my mind is Muscat/Oman Dates. It would be a fitting date by tasting the dates in its place of origin amidst deserts.Yes,I would start my trip by visiting the desert and would stay overnight in a tent. I have only seen a desert in a movie and I would love to experience it real time where the temperature drops drastically in the night.

Since Oman also has great history,I would love to visit the mosques over there and study their ornate splendor by taking a close look at the architectural beauty.I would study in detail about the origin of Islamism  and how it spread though i read it only in History text book and it would be apt to get it directly from the country which has influenced it.

Islands always had caught my fantasy and since Oman also has Daymaniat Islands,I would visit there and take a sea diving to study the underworld creatures.I would want to live the imagination of the movie ABYSS which has influenced me to look and explore the deep sea secrets.

As I am a eco warrior,I would not want to leave Ras Al Jinz where I can study the lifestyle of Turtles since they are one of the important creature that is an essential indicator of ecological changes.

These may appear to be few and less worded but the experience I would get it from it would be good enough to help me in writing a Novel for sure…


For more info on Tourism Oman – Visit -> http://www.omantourism.gov.om


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