In search of Incredible

Smart Phone…


Yes, the phones has evolved a lot over a decade and from being a normal device to solve the purpose of communication, phones these days have become smart. They do Communication Part which is just 5% and the rest 95% is towards lot of other things it does… We have lot of apps to make our phone a device to reckon with. It does almost anything and everything to make our life easier and simpler.

We might not have imagined even in our wildest dreams that phones would become our personal assistant and helps us in many ways including finding a destination and do bank transfers, paying bills and all other things sitting in one place.

My search however does not limit to these.. I wish my phone had these as well. It might be incredible but not impossible…

1. My phone need to have a Lie Detector which means if some one is uttering a lie, it should alert me and using which I would be more cautious.

2. My Phone should read the mind of a girl. Using this, I would always WIN – not necessarily be with all girls though 😉

3. My Phone should have cloud space which means the storage space should not be limited to 32 or 64 GB. The storage should be limitless using which I can store all my important documents and pictures using which I can retrieve them when ever I wanted…

4. My Phone should Auto-Charge itself either by Body Heat or through Solar Heat leaving me connected all the time without having to search for a charger/connector.

5. My Phone should decipher Wi-Fi Password. However it should be limited o few sites or usage limit which ever is ethical.

6. My Phone should be up-gradable for at-least next 10 years which means whatever I invest on my gadget will make it more than is worth. Using this I can extend the usage and also become eco-friendly.

7. My Phone should have Dust,Water and Shock Proof so that where ever I go – be it Scuba Diving or Bungee Jumping, I need not have to worry about the functionality of the phone.

8. My Phone should be compatible with 3 popular OS – iOS,Windows and Android so I can work on all or 1 as I wish.

9. My Phone should never hang or crash and is always protected by strong firewall all the time which makes it highly impossible to hack it.

10. Most importantly, it need to have Retina Scanner to operate which makes it more safe and if some one tries to tamper it, it should crash making it the end of all…..


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