Gone are the days when you need to physically visit a branch for all your banking needs – right from opening the account to make daily transactions like Cash Deposits,Cash Withdrawals,Requesting a Cheque Book,Updating your Pass Book etc to name a few. If you are 30+, you would also be remembering the long queue you would have stood along with our father waiting for the token number to be called or just when it was about to be called, the staff behind the counter leaves citing Lunch Hours.

Time has evolved and so as Banking too. We have lot of facilities these days like SMS Alerts and Internet Banking not to forget about mentioning ATM Kiosks from where you can do almost all the activities that you can do in a branch including cash deposits. The generation who were born now were the lucky ones to experience this convenience.

When others were thinking what more can be added to this convenience, Kotak has come up with an innovative account called “JiFi” . The name itself is innovative because for this present generation they can easily relate this to “WiFi”

Now what JiFi offers? There are quite many. To start with there is no minimum balance for this account and would we not love to have one unless we have a Salary Account? I am sure most of you would love such a “No Frills” account. 

Then comes the interesting aspect.You can tweet to the bank to get Account Updates,Cheque Book request and many other activities. Now for a hard core tweeter like me, it is like eating a sweet 🙂 You also get rewarded with your Social Activities which gets credited to your Loyalty Club Card and what more, you can refer your friends also and get rewarded. Now those with so many number of followers on Twitter and Friends in Facebook can surely make a killing my posting on these Social Sites and referring their innumerable friends.

You also get Mobile App which can help you to be connected with the bank 24/7 and Free NEFT through Net Banking will make your life easier when it comes to transferring funds to your friends,relatives or business contacts.

There are lot many benefits to this Power Packed Account and if you are a Social Buff, you surely will not say NO this account. I am sure all the Youngsters including myself would be looking forward to open this account to enjoy the power of Social Banking which is the Future of Banking and it has already arrived….


For more info visit http://www.kotakjifi.com


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