Black is beautiful. Lot may hate it but I am always in love with it because Black can add beauty to anything and everything.

My poetic imagination thinks about lot of things which I wish to possess which is Black in Color but I am listing the Top 5.

#1 in the list is a Black Mercedes – It gives an elegant look to this already elegant vehicle and when I travel in it, preferably an SLS AMG, it can surely make everyone turn around to look at it.This color will also protect it from dust and gleaming eyes while it will travel on the road like a king. In our country we see lot of other things as well. I do not know whether it is just the belief or superstition and Black is always considered as NOT an auspicious color but at the same time it is good to drive away evil forces away from it. So I would give more importance to this color naturally.

#2 in the list is a Black iPhone 5S – It would make this phone go well when I travel in an SLS AMG. Black will take everything into it and would show only the best. I always had preferred black colored phones and would continue to prefer it. They of course do not need a back case since it is already in the color of black and do not need anything further to enhance its beauty.

#3 in the list is a Black Curve LED TV – It is one of its kind and though TV comes in other colors like Silver,Black is a predominant one and I would never say no for this. It would give me immense pleasure in watching and when it is night, it adds more thrill to the already dark place especially when I am watching an horror movie.

#4 in the list is a Black iPad. This would make it a Super Combo with my Gadgets and when I flash it across with an iPhone 5S, this can surely be a killer. Black of course is my favorite and it will be making others envy for sure.

#5 in the list is a Black Armani Tuxedo. I was mesmerized by this as I saw it worn by Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in a Hollywood movie.This is an elite one and only those who travel in an elegant vehicle like a Mercedes can afford to have it and it would be fitting them more than anyone else.

Black can also be associated with Divine things and when you possess the ones mentioned above, you would for sure certainly be regarded above Normal and that would surely make you feel Proud and gives a sense of accomplishment.

Though there are lot other things,I wish to possess in black, the above mentioned were the top priority ones. Black is everywhere and Black is beautiful.

This post is a part of the #WhatTheBlack  activity at BlogAdda.com


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