Private India – an eagle’s eye review

When I was selected to review Private India, I was overwhelmed. This was because it from a pool of applicants which a famous blogging site has selected me. To add icing to the cake, I was told the book what I would be receive would be autographed by the author who is none other than Ashwin Sanghi himself.

The process was real quick and I got the book neatly packed. I was even more happy because it had a private message from the Founder and CEO of Mr Nirav Sanghavi


When I opened the book, I found another surprise – yes. it was an autograph from Mr Ashwin Sanghi – the renowned author…


I got the book on 20/08/14 in the noon and I started reading it soon after. The book was a bulky one and I felt it might take few days for me to read it all but it was so interesting that I finished it by 21/08/14 evening. The book was divided into 3 parts. As soon as I finished Part One, I tweeted to Mr Ashwin Sanghi and he was kind enough to answer to my tweet which I never expected even in my wildest dream 🙂


Though he was kind enough to say that I made my day, it was actually the other way round.

Now let me get into the review of the book.

The story involves around many characters but the main ones are few and they belonged to a core investigation group called Private India. It was actually headed by Jack Morgan where as the Indian unit was headed by Santosh. He had a great team with him to assist including Mubeen,Hari Padhi and Nisha.

Initially when the cold blooded murder was unleashed in Mumbai, they were clueless. They were joined by Rupesh,Assistant Commissioner of Police who was earlier a pal of Santosh. Slowly, the team from Private India started gathering evidences and with their hi-tech knowledge and equipment, they could get one lead after the other.

The city in the meanwhile was chilled because every day a murder was done and it was only women who occupied prominent position in the society. It all began with a Doctor from Thailand and then a Journalist, Beautician, Prinicipal and so on. Slowly Santosh could get a clue that these were done on the basis of incarnation of Lord Durga. It initially involved around thugs as well.

Since the murder involved autopsy and it has come via official channel, a doctor by name Abdul Zafar started helping the team. Little did the team at Private India knew about the dark past of the doctor and his intention to help them.

The story also involved around Munna and Nimboo Baba who were dons in the area and the circumstances were such that the doubt fell on Attorney General of India Mr Nalin Desai.

When things started heating up, Hari Padhi, a team member of Private India tried to flee to UAE and he gets caught. It makes us think he might be behind the plot but Santosh who is a widower by now was not at all doubtful on him. Later Rupesh, the ACP showed his dark face on an unfinished issue with Santosh and tried to kill him and he himself was killed in the struggle.

Finally, the clue led to a Woman and all of them were really shocked. Now who is this murderer and why she has to kill only woman is the actual story which I would encourage all the readers of my blog to buy the book and read it personally to find it yourself 🙂


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