My Casual Home

My Casual Home comes with these three things:










Unlike my Ethnic Home, the above mentioned three would find its place in the Hall.

While the first one is a bean bag, it is my way of showing casual style since it is a football theme based bean bag and would occupy the corners of the hall and would give a cosy feeling to my guests who are arriving at home.

They would now be looking at the wall since the hall would be a big one in any house by default. Hence I decided to beauty the walls by keeping the three panel painting clock which would give them a casual look.

I would further beautify it by decorating the wall instead of painting it by decorating it with alkemi décor murals posters which again would give a casual yet a beautiful look and I am sure, I would make my guests envy.

By making my home decorated with casual look, I would ensure that my style is reflected and also my taste and preferences are taken care of. Earlier I never had the opportunity to do so but now when I have one at the click of a mouse, do you think I would let the chance slip away from my hands??

It is better to live the way you wanted to rather than compromising since these days with the help of these awesome site, you can get anything and everything at ease and without having to spend much. This will make you feel proud as well amongst your peers and in your locality too  and would make them enquire as to where I got them for which my only answer would be –

This post is a part of  Makemyhome activity at


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