My Ethic Home

Ethnicity is always one thing I liked the most. I loved ethnic wear and when I got a chance to do my home an ethnic one, will I not grab the chance??

I took it up immediately as I was excited about making my home look ethnic. The first one I selected was Apno Rajasthan Lantern – 048 which can be found here:



The lamp is so artistically manufactured that it would make a perfect fixture when it is hanged in the center of the hall adding not only beauty to it but also give light to the entire hall. If you look at it, you can see the intricate details of it as it covers the features of beads, embroidery, color and pattern. Since hall is where most people come and sit, this makes it a perfect place for this lamp to be placed.

Then comes another excellent beauty from Rajasthan yet again which is Apno Rajasthan An Elegant Hand Painted Lampshade which can be found here:



This would be a perfect one for my bedroom since this adds beauty to it. The shade is mild and will not throw light. It would make me feel that I am more towards ethnicity. It will make me feel cool, supple and happy throughout the night.

Finally comes another one – this is also from Rajasthan to complete my ethic collection at home. This is nothing but Apno Rajasthan Warli Painting on Large Mirror which can be found here:



The painting makes the mirror look elegant and since we spend most of the time in front of a mirror looking to beautify our self, there is no wonder I selected my mirror also to look beautiful. This can be placed anywhere – be it in Hall or Dressing Room or even in the Bed Room.

Now all these three mentioned above will complete my ethnic collection list.

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