My Home with Makemyhome

This would be my actual dream home as I have selected what I felt is the best.

The items that I have selected for these were:




2) and






They all were unique in its own aspects. They may not have much importance to others but for me, they are of utmost importance.

Firstly, I would be using aapno rajasthan hearty candle stand. You might ask why a candle stand?

Well, the reason is simple. There are power cuts pretty often in my place though I live in the Capital of my State but I do not regret about it as long as the candle is there. I cannot place the candle where ever I wish to as it may damage the surface and since I use perfumed candles, I do not think nothing else will fit them perfectly than this candle stand as it adds beauty and elegance to my fragranced candle which makes my room look beautiful even when I am not using the candle I am sure this would attract my better half as well for sure and hence I decided to go for it. Money is not the concern but the beauty is which has taken over my hearts and I decided to go for it.

The next one that caught my design was chitrahandicrafts mobile stand design – 1. This is so nicely made that it has a small clock in the centre of the stand. They are embossed with beads and colors which are so attractive and artistically done which would be appreciated by a lover of art for sure. Since my house is frequented by people from abroad, this would surely catch their attention since all across the globe, people use mobile phones and they need a god looking and a safe stand to hold it.

Finally, I would decorate my house with Ghastiaram Shankh Rangoli since in this present age, we hardly find time to do a rangoli every day. This is made with beads and pvc which makes it not only look beautiful but also last forever. By getting my hall or the entrance or both including the pooja room done with this, I can save time for my better half but at the same time not compromising on the beauty.

Have a look at these awesome beauties and I am sure you would agree to my point. These are the best I could find and I am hurrying up to get them at my home before they are gone forever… After all we all live in a digital age but still are bound by tradition coupled with knowledge, interest, passion and praising the beauty.2)

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