My Retro Home

My Retro home is something of my character and attitude. We all would love to live the life – 2 ways. Being Modern and Being Traditional as we cannot always live in one style.

Being Modern has its own advantages and so as being traditional. It mixes both the style and this special confluence is what I call it RETRO.

Its like visiting back 70’s and 80’s from the present age and when I got a chance through this awesome site, I decided to experiment it. Here is my selection and for a change I would be mentioning about the items in detail initially and then would share the links of these awesome beauties as I am sure they would have invoked interest in all of you.

For this unique style, I have selected 3 different rooms. One would be the hall which is my favorite followed by Bed Room and Study Room.

For hall, I had selected ghastiaram photo frame cum clock where I can fix my pic – be it my childhood/marriage or my accomplishment pic and when it is combined with time, it gives that unique feeling of you going back to the past.  This would be awesome as you always tend to remember your past which is very much associated with the time.

Whilst moving away from it, the next one which caught my attention was swayam magical linea bedset and the reason why I have selected this is its uniqueness as it had combined five different shades in one which gives you a pleasant feeling and can match your varying moods. This was something used widely in the past and I wanted to visit it to make it a perfect retro combo for my home. I am sure all my friends might think I am a perfect retro guy when they see this.

Then comes the study room where I have decided to keep the yellow door globe bookends as these were used in the past and since using books itself is a rarity these days due to advent of eBooks, I thought it would be a perfect tool to use to give that retro look to my study room.

The above three would make a perfect combo and would fulfill all my needs and desire to give a perfect retro look to my home altogether.










I am proud in saying that

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