Jeep and Bourbon Part 7 – The Scribe Tribe #CelebrateBlogging


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Chapter 7 – Unwind the past

Everything so far seemed like a dream for Roohi. All appeared so near yet so far. Things were deceptive. She never thought life would be so complicated. She knew what exactly is happening around her though she wanted to ignore it. She felt helpless. It was certainly not her mistake and never thought it was that of her parents too.

She tried to wake up Jenny lying unconscious on the beach. But she didn’t respond. Good for her. At least it was the only way she could avoid the blow of pain.

“Beta, where were you?. I am looking for you for last half an hour. You’d scared hell out of me. Where are others and Shekhar. How can he leave you alone like this,” Tara showered a string of questions before she comes running to grab Roohi in her arms.

Jeremy would never cross my life again. You would be gone before the first ray of sun would touch the sand tomorrow. He’s out of my life once for all.Sorry Jenny, I wish I could make him stay for you.

The trail of Tara’s thoughts was broken by somebody who’s probably from the hospital staff.

“Ma’am, we have just received a call from MediPlus hospital. Mr. Dutta and Mr. Cyrus had met with an accident. Thankfully, some villagers spotted them and got them admitted in the nearest hospital. Our hotel cab will drop you there.”

“Are they alright?” I felt something shattering inside me.

“Sorry Ma’am, we don’t know much”

Tara had almost forgotten about Roohi who was shivering. Almost numb.

“Roohi, Roohi”

She was taken back when she heard the news that Cyrus is in the Hospital along with Shekhar. It was the least she could expect to have happened to her dad. Her Dad was all for her in the world. Tears started to roll down her beautiful brown eyes. She was uncontrollable and Inconsolable.

The hotel cab took them to the hospital. Tears were still rolling off Tara’s cheeks. Out of grief. Out of guilt. Roohi’s heartrending cries were subsided to sobs. But she was neither talking or looking at her mother. She just wanted to see her father, alive and lively, as he always had been. They waited outside the ward, impatient, battling tears, swallowing the lump in their throats. Praying. The accident had united them as a family, as a happy family. This was the moment they realized that they loved each other.

Just then the doctor came out of the room and consoled her not to worry and both of them would be alright in few hours.

They waited in the hospital with great hopes praying to GOD and Shekhar slowly opened his eyes.

Shekar’s eyes told her that he knew everything. She knew that she had almost killed her husband…the father of her child.

“I am Sorry Shekhar. It was all because of me”, she confessed as somebody confesses in a church against the priest knowing that he would free me of my sins. And he did.

Shekhar murmured “No Dear. We took life for granted and we wanted to sail in the current rather than sail against the tide which could have bonded us better”.

Tara “Well. I don’t want to leave you and Roohi alone. Let us all start a fresh lease of life”.

Jenny reached hospital in the morning. Hotel staff had found her unconscious on the beach and brought her to hotel. It was after her consciousness returned she knew about the accident and headed for hospital.

She saw Shekhar, Tara and Roohi talking, giggling and laughing like a happy family. She understood that the storm had passed. It’s a new sun…new hopes…new life. She didn’t disturb them. She didn’t remind them the haunting memories of last night. They had moved on and so did she.

She checked with doctor about Cyrus’ condition. He was out of danger.

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  1. A short one I would say.

    But ya gave out a lot. Fast. Requires I gues…as I am getting impatient now…

    I know the story is gonna get another bump…

    Waiting for it.

    All the best again.

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