Jeep and Bourbon Part 19 – The Scribe Tribe #CelebrateBlogging

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Part 19 – Midnight Mysteries

His smart phone buzzed. Cyrus had messaged to say they had landed in Mumbai. Tara’s voice from the adjacent room, talking to Jenny had triggered off an unresolved memory that Shekhar found quite intriguing. Shekhar lit another cigarette and with every puff, the faint recollection started taking shape once again. Before Tara and Jeremy’s secret had begun to unfold before his eyes, that night at the beach, there had been an episode, a happening that had gone unmentioned. The smoke from the cigarette always seemed to be defogging his cluttered mind. Kochi here we come had been the status update on Aryan Ahuja’s Social Media Profile and he’d started getting a lot of messages with the DM/PMs inviting him to their place. Aryan had a lot of friends throughout the country and elsewhere. They all got erased – “Money,Power” Aryan never had time to go through all these as he was planning something else. It was something only he knew about, what was to going to unfold when they had reached Kochi. He had always kept his personal life very private and would continue to keep it so. He had a darker side which not many were aware of. Shekhar was beaming on the other hand that it would be his first trip with his wife, after ages. He got all the packing ready. The flight tickets were already booked by Aryan despite their pleading not to do so since he had them travelling Business Class. “You can’t expect anything less than this when you are flying with me.” said Aryan on boarding the flight. “You may have a surprise in Kochi” said Shekhar. “Surprise??” Aryan looked curious. “Yes, but let me keep it in wraps” said Shekhar “Ok. Lets hit it and then we would take it” was Aryan’s reply. Shekhar had informed Aryan that they had been invited to put up at the Arabian Delight Home Stay by Tara’s photographer friend Jennifer who ran it, in Kochi. Aryan still preferred to stay at a 5 Star Hotel and had made reservations for himself accordingly. “Ok ! People, you’ll go ahead with your plans. I have some unfinished work here.” said Aryan Shekhar was not at all doubtful since he’d felt this was usually the case with the flamboyant personas, like Aryan. He thought Aryan might want to meet his girl friend(s). Shekhar and Tara had boarded a train to continue to Kochi after splitting from Aryan who’d promised to join in later. Tara had wanted to delay the train journey and go around the place to explore locations that weren’t charted on the itinerary but that hadn’t happened. The next train journey would have been much delayed. “Are you tired?” Asked Tara, once settled in their allotted seats “Not at all” Shekhar replied instantly. “Can we go to explore things around Kochi at least?” Tara was anxious to know. “Yes. We will. Let us get there first and then we will venture out.” said Shekhar The menue of the food available from the train cafeteria was surprisingly great. They ordered  for some Malabar delicacies like Appam, Idiyappam and some fish fry. It all arrived within a few minutes and was served hot. Shekhar,Tara and even Roohi had relished the southern cuisine. They were done and Shekhar had wanted to step out of their cabin for a smoke. Shekhar prior to travelling to Kochi had been telling Tara that she too would get a surprise. Remembering the promise, Tara had enquired about it once again. Shekhar had given an evasive reply as he’d felt it wouldn’t be good talking about it on the way but decided to make it clear in the evening once they’d reached their the room at Jenny’s Home stay. After their train journey had ended and they’d been picked up by Jenny in her new found boyfriend Jeremy’s Jeep. Half way to Kochi the Jeep had broken down and they’d found themselves stranded at a beach waiting for the next bus into town. Tara and Shekhar had hung out in the local areas to while away time and finally their group comprising of Tara, Roohi, Cyrus and Jeremy had settled down at a remote part of the beach. Shekhar had then decided to go call Aryan from a pay phone to check how things were with him. The phone kept ringing but Aryan was not answering the phone. Shekhar thought that Aryan might have been in the shower or might be busy in some special meeting. Shekhar got back to the spot where the group had been lounging at the beach. It was night already and there were no signs of anyone but his sweet angle Roohi who was fast asleep. Cyrus was missing. Jenny and Jeremy had obviously gone somewhere and surprisingly Tara had gone missing too. Shekhar felt it would be better to catch a quick shut eye and laid down besides Roohi. It was almost midnight. Shekhar suddenly heard a faint noise and woke up with a jerk. He could see a shadow near the coconut trees in the distance, to his left. He was shocked for a moment. “Who would that be and what did it want from them? He was confused whether this shadow belonged to one of their group members or from an unknown identity and whatever it was, what the hell was this phantom doing there at this point of time?” Shekhar thought. Without waking Roohi, Shekhar had taken slow but firm steps towards the phantom. An idea suddenly struck his mind. “Why on Earth do I need to confront this phantom, face to face? Let me catch him from behind and see what he is up to.” Shekhar slowly backed off and ventured to go right around the groove of Coconut trees. He went from behind and caught the person who was sneaking there. When the figure had turned around, Shekhar was aghast, in shock. Whom did he see there? Who was he? Or was it a she? Was that a known person or an unknown stranger? The mystery seemed to want to dissolve itself in the pitch darkness of the midnight whilst there was a howling of a dog somewhere in the distance that sent a chill running down Shekhar’s spines.  “Me and my team, The Scribe Tribe are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at #CelebrateBlogging with us.

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