#CelebrateBlogging with BlogAdda

When Blog Adda announced this contest, I know for sure that this would create ripples across the bloggers across India for sure.

What was so unique about this?

Well you would have asked the above question if you were not a regular blogger. On the contrary, if you were a regular, you knew for sure how much unique this blogging contest was.

Yes, probably for the first time in India and elsewhere, Blog Adda announced a contest where in the Winning Team would get to have a chance of their story being published. You read it right. The winning team would become a Published Team.

The contest was divided into few phases. 3 to be precise. As soon as the registration lines opened,many enthusiastic bloggers like us have started applying and I know for sure that I am one among the lucky few to have been shortlisted. Totally there were 30 teams selected each having 10 members each.So in total,300 were shortlisted.

BlogAdda Team was so approachable and mail from BlogAdda Activities(BaVity) ensured that all the bloggers within the team were well connected. We were asked to nominate a POC(Point of Contact) for each time. Each team were also given a Unique Name.

To give a fair play to all the competitors, the theme of the story was given by BlogAdda themselves and we were asked to develop a story from there. Each blogger had to write a story for their part and link it with the previous one and the next one. So we bloggers started squeezing our brain out to give our best.We were also given a deadline for submission which brought in the seriousness into the business. I belonged to The Scribe Tribe.

There were lot of buzz created by all the teams and each tried doing their own publicity to get attention to their team. Our team created a FB Page. The link can be found here:


I am proud to say that we have garnered 109 likes till date 🙂

So, after the first round when it was time to announce the results, our heart beat were above normal. Since the panel had elite judges including the likes of Ravi Subramaniam,Ashwin Sanghi and others, we could not contain our excitement. The results were finally out. All 30 made it to the next round.We were given an awesome reason for this. Yes, the judges felt it would be unfair to penalize few of the teams since this was the first of the kind attempt.

Having made it to the Second Round,we all pulled up our socks and were ready to give our best. Days went by and it was time for the results to be announced. This time, only the first 10 teams made it. Though we were in 12th Rank, in overall standing we were placed above 15 and hence could not make the cut.

In the meantime,BA has announced a tweet session with Mr Ravi Subramaniam and there were lot of questions asked for which he answered patiently. After this came a surprise. Yes,BA Announced Wild Card round for the eliminated teams and said top 2 from remaining 20 will get through the Finals.

Its time to buck up again and teams started putting their maximum efforts yet again. The results came soon after.Guess What? My team had made it to the Finals and was the First team to be selected in the Wild Card Round. At the time of writing this blog(17/10/14) we were waiting to give our attempt for the final round where we would get to realize our dream of being a published author.

I would like to express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to my team members – Vibhuti, Rahul(POC),Babitha,Romita,Harsh,Veturi. You all were wonderful.

Special mention to BA since you gave us  an opportunity to exhibit Teamwork, Sincerity, Commitment, Creativity and the wonderful book – Horseshoe Garage by Hitesha(Review is due for this book)

Me and my team, The Scribe Tribe are participating in ‘Game Of Blogs’ at BlogAdda.com. #CelebrateBlogging with us.


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